Trash Run 757

15 Sep

Hash Trash Run 757

HASH MASTER Michelle Girod 741-9125
HASH ASS Arthur Seebalack 461-5665
ON-SEC Mumtaz Amarali 625-3617 x29436
HARELINE Salma Khan 753-8843
HASH C$SH Lorin Paton 622-5806 (O)
HASH BOOZE Nevie Boos 637-3033 (H)
HASH SOFTIES Richard Marlay 351-3694
Betty Agostini Flash Boos Karen Hale Ronald Mc Donald
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757 August 21, 2010 Marlon, Saha, Slush, Richie, Natalie, Kerry, Bragatte Mission Bay, Toco Lady Sunrise

Me an’ a few others loss our virginity las’ year

Hash virginity that is…

For us dee hash does start when we leave home, and we love to get a ride to go there

I have to say this was one ah dee best I get so far, though I thought I woulda get left behind for being seven minutes late for the car transfer. There is a proverb that says”Punctuality is the soul of Business” and it seems for hashers getting there on or before time is serious business.

Back to dee bes’ ride… dee talk was about . . . what else… punctuality and then brand loyalty, it was a coca cola run, should some of us stay away or not… (Dee bes’ ride had brand loyal drinks a plenty, and more conversation about punctuality) then we talk about how wonderful T&T is as we drove further into the countryside and closer to Toco.

We start tuh see a small hash convoy forming. . . “Wait daz Richard wit a long hair gyul? Nah , is Wahid!” Yuh know we had tuh be in front of dee convoy so we show them how to “negotiate” a car, truck, suv around all ah dem slow Saturday drivers.

So we get to dee beach almos’ ah hour early so mankind (literally) rushes into the sea to hang out and wait for things to start.

I lookin’ around and listening quietly. Ah notice a new shoe, pretty fuh so, wit’ reflective yellow designs. When he friends and dem realize he start to beg, and right in front of my eyes they form an alliance to keep it quiet.

Things start tuh look like it about tuh start. Dee bathers come outta dee ocean and a man say if man run wit’ a salty body he would start off wit’ balls and end up wit’ peanuts! If you see dee stampede for blue waters! And not to drink…but for a clean start.

The “head” of the hares made his rounds welcoming one and all, being a true hash host. Dressed in coca cola t-shirts, and calling their hash “Mission Impossible III” He gave dee usual pointers and then we saw the embodiment of the “Mission Impossible III” three super fit hashers in ultra mini t-shirts, brought along to escort the drinks truck that would meet us somewhere along the route – the guys seemed real excited about beers and babes in dee bush

So we start, and after the normal run around we gone in dee bush. I, along with several others am for now not a front runner, and look around taking all that is new to me. This time I began as one of the last, and many times I found myself walking alone, then a hare would appear making sure I was on the right path.

That run had a lot of thorns everywhere. Yuh couldn’t hold on to or grab to balance on anything… dee cry was “watch our for dat prick! Doh hold on there, doh step there, yuh might get ah prick, oh gosh! Look ah get one in meh han’ …

A good job seemed to be done “sweeping” The beer stop was truly welcome, and I emerged convinced that I was the last one out.

Once that was done, dee limin’ start. Drinks sellin’,music playin’, food and laughter sharing all round. Dee trucks, hares and the “Mission Impossible III” came out of the bush, and dey join in, to the max.

I sat on the sand watching the ocean and the bathers that I assumed were the group that I came with. Then Mariss’s daughter asked for her Mom. She asked around and we realized six people were still missing, and it was now dark. If yuh see flashlight appear from everywhere! And even one on a helmet. Dey stop dee cola/ MI III lime and two trucks headed back in.

Ah really see why dey say dis is a drinking club with a running problem… twice someone had to stop dee down downs ‘cause dey didn’t realize that people was still lost inside. Six people, with two first-timers truly de-virginized by their experience. I was not worried because those fellas love to boast about watching “Man v Wild” so dey safe in jungle conditions. Of course there was a lot of falling in the dark, and one of the “lost” did his version of a nonstop “are we there yet”

Of course Marlon got poofter – again – for leaving people behind – apparently it is an annual event for him. Mr. “new shoes” got away with not drinking beer from them (He was our ride out) and all’s well that ends well. ON ON

Mahashma’s Meditations

The tall Lady is being indisposed the tall skinny man was now in charge. Mission bay Toco was indeed a beautiful run site for those who drove and braved the weather. As it turned out quite fine for the hash. I could not help but notice a lot of the old farts were absent, the drive apparently has become too long for these oldies. Or was it their chronic diseases acting up you know what i mean,dementia loose bladders non functioning colons and abused livers. The run was excellent but their was some confusion at the end resulting in a few people getting lost in the bus. This caused a delay in the down downs and the arrival of the curry crab and dumpling. Everyone was shouting “where is the food?”. In future Hares make sure the food is available immediately after the run. Because of the delay and the late food, the hares lead by Marlon were given the poofter awards. Otherwise it was a well set run and in future let the coca cola girls be a permanent feature.

Welcome Virgins: Simone, Keaton, Tyba, Nichash, Mandy, Niels, Narrisa, Nicole


DATE: September 18, 2010

HARES: Cheerbabies meet Choirboys


TIME: 3.30 p.m.

From Port-of-Spain, drive East on Churchill-Roosevelt Highway to Orange Grove intersection (past Macoya and before Trincity Mall). Turn left (North) and follow the road ahead to Eastern Main Rd. Intersection (T-junction). Turn left (West) and proceed to Caura Road intersection (about ¼ mile or less) on the right (North). Turn onto Caura Road and proceed, passing Caura Medical facility and many scenic, forested areas. Look for HHH signs along the way. Within 5 minutes drive after the bar on the right, there is a T-junction and a bridge. Turn left here, and proceed to the run site on the right.


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August 22-26, 2010 Overseas: We Crusin – Carnival Victory Grenada,St. Lucia, Martnique

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