Hashers Gone Wild – Thank you

28 Sep

From the Desk of the Hash Master

Hey folks,

Now that it’s over, I’d like to say the pleasure was all mine.  But actually, what I really must say is thank you to all those who came to Tobago and limed and partied and made the weekend so enjoyable.

Organizing Tobago is really a group effort that requires help from many people. So a heartfelt thank you to …

  • The Hares for all their hard work in producing some very enjoyable runs… never mind one of them (who shall not be named) still p!ssed off at me.
  • The Disorganizing Committee for their help and support (special mention to Taz & Marlay)
  • The R.As, Ashe & Justin, for some really funny poofter presentations
  • Ski, for providing and playing the music that kept us going all weekend long
  • Giselle and Curtis for help in transporting stuff
  • Blue Waters and Pradeep and Eggie for their extremely generous support to this weekend’s activities
  • Robert Bermudez, Unilever, and Bryden’s for sponsorship of their various products
  • And lastly, but by no means least, a special thank you to Martin, for all his assistance and invaluable input, and Alan for organizing and keeping the bar running smoothly all weekend long.  I’d like to say you guys were great but I know Martin would probably have something to say about that!

Thanks again people.

ON on to next year!


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