Under 45s – Champion Team 2010

12 Nov

Under 45s - Champion Team 2010

The victorious Under 45 Team pose for a group photo with the POSH3 Hash Master (Click photo for larger image)

Under 45s - Champion Team 2010 names

1 Russell Baboolal 2 Timothy Sooklal 3 Curtis Harper 4 Reed Harper

5 Colin Sorias 6 David Graham 7 Alastair Paton 8 Cassian Mc Auley

9 Wahid Lopez 10 Christopher Chanona 11 Richard Marlay

12 Justin Henry (Captain) 13 Michelle Girod (Hash Master) 14 Sheldon Theodore

Date: 5th November 2010 (Divali Public Holiday)
Time: 3:00 pm / 1500 Hrs
Venue: Presidents Grounds, St. Anns (Field at entrance to Manning Kamla’s Palace)
Teams: Under 45 Hashers (Red) vs Over 45 Hashers (Yellow)

Match Report – Under 45 :3 Over 45 :1

Congratulations to the Under 45s who were victorious in a keenly contested match. Led by skipper Justin who performed abortion after abortion in front of the Over 45s goal, the Under 45s outscored the Over 45s. The Over 45s however were not outplayed as they contested keenly in every department.

The Under 45s were marshalled by Curtis Harper in their central defence who kept El Fuego quiet. The Over 45s goalkeeper by default Vaughn, was the “Man of the Match”.

Alastair Paton had an improved performance this year. We are not sure if it was because Roy was not there or if he was trying to impress his son. The Under 45s Team Manager/Physio was almost red carded for running unto the field waving an umbrella menacingly.

Despite the best efforts of Allan and Martin who changed the complexion of the game when they moved to their rightful positions in midfield, in the end it was Fitness/Youth that won over experience.

The game was played in the right spirit and a good time was had by all. As expected the lime went on afterwards complete with the lighting of deyas as provided by Harperman.

So we look forward to the return Next Year and the Windball cricket before that.

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