Tribute to BH3 – 25th Anniversary

22 Nov

Under 45s - Champion Team 2010

Tribute to BHHH

1,460 runs in 25 years, we have certainly come far
From that very first run at the Carib Beach Bar
Back on November 16th 1985
Through David “Pyro” Craig BHHH came alive
Since then every Saturday and Bank Holiday without fail
BHHH hashers have been out on the trails

Cove Bay, Silver Sands, Batsheba up to Gunhill
Hilton Beach, Spring Garden Chalky Mount even Silver Hill
Brighton, Folkestone, Bulkely and across to Bath Beach
Wanstead, Garrison, Consett Bay and Miami Beach
East Point Lighthouse, Three Houses, and Cattlewash
Just a few of the places you have been to for a hash

For 1460 runs we say thanks to the hares
But an even bigger thank you for the persons who organise the beers
To HMs I say job well done, you did your best
During your tenure you passed every test
A even bigger thank you we all should say
To the sponsors Banks Breweries and Mount Gay

Rain or shine in any kind of weather you were out there en mass
Hats off to all eleven who hashed after Tomas pass
To ALL Hashers a great big thank you for being on the runs
Without you there is no hash and above all no fun
Having made 25 years means you have done some, things right
So I think it’s time you stop saying “Oh Shite”

Author: Martin “Tall, Dark and Havesome” Griffith

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