Trash Run 780

21 Jun

Hash Trash Run 780


HASH MASTER Arthur Seebalack 461-5665
HASH ASS Mumtaz Amarali 625-3617 x29436
ON-SEC/ HARELINE Salma Khan 753-8843
HASH C$SH Lorin Paton 622-5806 (O)
HASH BOOZE Nevie Boos 637-3033 (H)
HASH SOFTIES Richard Marlay 351-3694
COMMITTEE Betty Agostini, Karen Hale-Jackson, Ronald Mc Donald, Diane Henderson, Asha Saith
Website Address:
780 June 11, 2011 The three Wongs (David, Zachery, Zane) Tamana Princess

Line Break - On-On Feet

What can I say, being asked to write the Trash days after the run went is kind of a surprise especially when I left early and was not present to witness the down downs; but I’ll get to that later. Since I hadn’t reached a Hash for several months I thought what the heck let me try to make this one having no other obligations. So after another hectic Saturday morning I ventured on to Tamana all alone entertaining myself with some good music. I arrive at the turn off to realize a bunch of Hashers led by Martin having a drink at the bar but thought it wise not to stop. On on I went driving and driving and driving, like this Hash everything going to be long, long and long. It would have been nice to get some land marks in between those very far and infrequent HHH signs. Don’t mind I forgot to bring the instructions my memory served me well

Everyone gathered about, and the first observation was the number of young people on the run. Someone asked if they opened up a nursery. The usual talks occurred and the run began up a long trail that looked suspect, indeed back we went into the bush. Very early, I knew it would be a very muddy, muddy trek. Tired and hoping to take the walkers trail, I was expectant that the Hares would keep the pack together and direct us on to the short route!! That was a bit much to ask, cause we hardly saw them on the run, …by the way who were the Hares? Arthur and some men in yellow jerseys that I did not know…; and when we did they were always chatting in groups of 3’s while several peeps were going off on the wrong trails. There weren’t many ‘real’ checks to keep the pack together; unless I was SO far behind I couldn’t notice. Several times we head into the river, over a plank and there, yes, an arrow! Doesn’t that mean we’re getting close?! Nope, not on this run…on and on we went trodding in the heavy mud. Got a hand up a slope by a goodly gentleman, and continued till we came upon an open trail with a pickup and some cold water. That was an hour and a half into the run, so I asked how much more? 30 minutes, shuts, everyone was walking and out of it. So eventually I jogged to the end finishing in approx. 1hr 55 mins, no hares in sight.

A quick rinse and change, lil ole talk and a cold beverage and I was outta there. A good burner of a run all the same. Sorry folks no climax or punch line and I still don’t know who the heck got Poofter! The Hares I hope! Till the next run…oh! Might miss that one too! To all those heading to the Land of the Flying Fish, have a good one! I’ll be enjoying my trip at the same time! And good luck to the alternative run in Santa Cruz!
Just some additional info to help the Virgins …when you see a broken circle (CHECK) it doesn’t mean you go in the direction that is closed, you run where the paper is broken! Yes! Got it

Line Break - On-On Feet

Mahashma's Meditations

I knew at times that being the H.M. will be hard. But you never realize the pressure until the Overseas Hash is a few days away. I think I am beginning to lose my hair .Well just a little anyway.

The last run was just great I thought , perfect and just the right length. You see I thought the Hash was getting too “sorf” and needed to toughen up.There were the usual mishaps such as inadequate parking but the turn out was so big.

Taz once again showed herself to be a natural H.M. and handled the down downs well. Complete with new songs.

Taz also gave David Wong his hash name on account of some very small Smurf size Hash signs.

We had so many virgins I lost count alot came with the Amanda posse.

The Poofter shirt was easily won by David for giving some messed up directions.

So far I have found no enlightenment but I will seek an audience with the Barbados Religious Advisor to cast light on this problem.

Hash Lingo

Virgins take note of the meaning of these signs!!!

  1. While on the trail CALL “ON ON” when you see bits of shredded paper/flour! It helps those behind/possibly lost hashers.
  2. “O” – check for the correct trail!
  3. “X” – you’re on the wrong trail! Go back to the check point and start again.
  4. “ON PASS” – to pass someone on the trail.
  5. “ON BACK” – on the wrong trail, you may have reached an “X“….turn back to the check point “O“.
  6. “On OFF” – you’re off the correct trail.
  7. When you are almost in you would see: “ON IN” pointing to the correct direction.
  8. For those who can’t keep up with the ‘3F’s’ (FIT, FAST AND FURIOUS) pack then just go with the ‘Backpackers’  (SMART) pack who just let them do all the work.>

Line Break - On-On Feet


Date: June 11, 2011
Time:  3:30 p.m
Hares: The Three Wongs
RunSite: San Juan Cocoa Estate, Gran Couva
Directions: From Port of Spain, travel south on the Uriah Butler Highway and take the PREYSAL/COUVA turn off. Turn left to head east, and keep on the road through Preysal and Gran Couva. The drive takes about 20 minutes from the highway.

As you pass through Pepper Village (about 5 minutes before La Vega), look out for a disused gas station on the right. Turn right onto the road by the gas station. You will drive past a number of small houses and then a cricket field on the left. Keep going on this road. The Hash Site is just past the old estate house, and on the right.

The food truck will be there after the run.



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