Run Directions Run#786

8 Aug

Run Directions – Run#786 August 20, 2011

RUN #786
DATE August 20, 2011
HARES Haydn & Victor
RUN SITE North Post Road, Diego Martin
DIRECTIONS Drive West from Port-of-Spain into Diego Martin, going past West Shore Hospital , Starlite Shopping Plaza and Four Rds. Police Station. Drive onto the Crystal Stream Highway to Diamond Vale and Blue Range Residential Areas. At the end of this highway, turn right to St Lucien Rd. , then left to Blue Range and Blue Basin Area. Follow the road ahead, until the T-junction at the end. Turn right and follow the road to North Post, until reaching Patna Village Recreation Ground. Look for HHH signs on this last stretch.
Updated Directions (H.Als 08/17): Final Direction to Run Site (run # 786) on 20th August, 2011: Up North post Road from Patna Village playfield, to the side of TSTT compound in the Pine Tree Park. Follow HHH signs. Choice food on sale! Curry Crab and dumplings; Stewed fish and provisions; vegetable rice and salad with baked chicken; vegetarian plate. Good food, best view, yuh better come!

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