Trash Run – The Alzheimer’s Posse Moonlite Run August 2011

13 Aug
002 Aug 11, 2011 A-Cup Princess & Ozama Invaders Pan Yard Raceless & Classless

Line Break - On-On Feet

One score +PLUS odd. One score -MINUS odd.
The difference in run numbers between the Alzheimer’s Posse’s 1st & 2nd moonlite runs. A shift in the moon’s orbit accounting for fourteen runners this Thursday night. Yes 14!..Actually 15! – a perennially late tall redz with a seriously mannish cat call providing that extra bump. A Copernicus like calculation would seem to accurately predict the number for the next run…though…an application of science here would be like pushing a rope uphill.

The second run. Only the second run…One recycled hare! Hmmm I wonder what science would predict for the future!
Nevertheless, the run hared by two venerable hares: as venerable as the 8-track tape; as venerable as disco…you get the idea. Difficult to tell from whom the orders were coming or as they say on another hash: “Who is the senior hare?” Somewhat of an anomaly when applied to the Alzheimers Posse, but we all play along anyway.

A lovely moonlit night would mark this run – a moon two days shy of its fullness – at a familiar location central to access of all that oft traversed hasher stomping ground.

A feint beginning ruse not enough to daunt a thin front, middle & back pack all in one. Fourteen strong and front runners are made, not born. Twenty minutes gone. One-tenth that in mileage. Port of Spain has imported humidity from North America. 19:53hrs and it damn hot. A quick check – no it’s not just me: thank goodness – a semi-fit lady runner acquiesces.

Into familiar territory. Familar only in my head – the ground work needs to be done. I glance at Lapeyrouse’s western wall; a quick evaluation of the run so far – not bad! Good pace. Need beer. A skip & a jump and the On-In beckons..though I don’t see it! A mature gentleman and lady also. They go back to verify its presence. Like scientists. Not me though; the site of the Oval was enough indication that this pastime needed to be taken to the next phase.

Caribbean Airlines Invaders – talk ’bout track record – how many years I don’t know really they doing this. Two hours plus of being serenaded by the stage side – A repertoire I doubt that can be challenged – though I think the fella who said that to me carried a little bias. Imagine not even a lil’ break that we could down-down the two venerable hares. Did I mention as venerable as the Atari. Or Night Rider Pub. You get the idea.
A good great run and lime had by the few. We may have to consider moving the run to some reasonable hour. Seems like buttered crumpets and tea come too soon for this Alzheimer’s Posse.

The Next Run: A Birthday Run

Date: Thursday October 13, 2011
Time: 05:15PM (17:15HRS)
Site: TBA
Hared by: Some fella who use to drive a Forklift

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