Alzheimer’s Posse – Moonlight Birthday Run – Oct 13

6 Oct

Alzheimer's Posse - Moonlight Birthday Run - Oct 13 2011

Apparently this stalwart Alzheimer’s Posse member is anxious to trade in his membership for something resembling a garden view suite at Green Acres Retirement Home. They say age ain’t nothing but a number but then again, who knows!

This “Boy Blunder” requests the honor of having a run in recognition of the anniversary of his birth – not a humble request by anyone’s standards. Being born illegitimately doesn’t account for turning out to be one bastard of a human being!

…However, the prospect of downing a dozen or so beers seems to elevate the significance of this event.
So hear this:

Birthday Run under Moonlight

  • Date: Thursday October 13th, 2011
  • Site: Caribbean Airlines Invaders Panyard, Tragarete Road, POS
  • Time: 05:15PM (17:15HRS)
  • Hared by: Forklift

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