Run Directions – Run #807

10 May

Vega de Oropouche

Drive east towards Valencia and turn right at junction and drive to Sangre Grande.Follow the road behind the bus station.You will now be on Briley Road.Continue straight ahead until you come to Toco Main Road junction. Turn Left and drive 4.3Km to Vega D’ Oropuche junction (Look for Hash sign) and turn right into Vega D’ Oropuche main road.Drive 6.9Km onto Rio Grande Forest Rd. to Hash site.This is a virgin site.

There is an alternative route to the next hash if some of you would like to try. It’s longer but traffic free.
At Valencia go straight to Toco main road , ( and not via Sangre Grande ). At the Toco main road junction turn right and drive until you come to the ” Check It Out Bar” on the left. Turn left at the bar and drive 6.9km to run site. There will be limited food on sale at the run.,-61.056604&num=1&t=m&ie=UTF8&ll=10.62577,-61.056604&spn=0.025308,0.025749&z=14&output=embed
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