Run Directions – Run #817

8 Sep

Directions to the next run #817

Date: Sep 15, 2012
Time: 3:30pm
Hares: Haydn Als
Run Site: Sangre Grande

From Port-of-Spain, take the Churchill-Roosevelt Highway to Waller Field. Turn North at Waller Field to reach the Eastern Main Road, then proceed East to Valencia. Continue from Valencia to Sangre Grande, and take the Manzanilla Road from the Sangre Grande Police Station. Turn left into Oropuche Road at the third street after the Sangre Grande Police Station (obliquely opposite the Agricultural Development Bank) and continue to Non Pareil Road on the right. Turn onto Non Pareil and proceed to hash site. Look for HHH signs. Allow 2 hrs. travel time from P-o-S.

There will be tasty and satisfying meals on sale after the run on Saturday 15th, from 5.30 p.m. onwards, till they run out.
Menu: Curried Goat or Fried Fish, Stewed Pigeon Peas, Ground Provision combo, Cucumber Salad.
Price: $30.00

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