Run Directions – Run #827

7 Jan
Run: 827
Date: Jan 19 2013
Site: North Manzanilla
Hares: Mags, “Bad Boy” Gerry, Phil{Hunter}, Ross{Beneficiary} & Ivan
Directions: Departing POS, proceed up the Beetham Highway and onto the CRH to Wallerfield. Left turn up Antigua Rd to junction with EMR. Right turn on EMR to Valencia Village where you continue on the right lane at Y-junction in Valencia Village. Proceed to Sangre Grande and continue through to Upper Manzanilla{Don’t not reach the coast}. Immediately before the turn-off into North Manzanilla Rd there is the St Mary Magdalene Anglican Church on the left side of roadway. There is also a sign indicating “The Manzanilla Police Station” with an arrow pointing in the direction of North Manzanilla Rd. Drive into North Manzanilla Rd for approx 3km where you will notice a,”White Parlour” on the right side of roadway. This is our Run Site.
Do note that parking will be”tight” along the shoulder of country road so car-pooling is recommended.
Drive Time for POS: approx 2hrs.
Interesting Historical Facts:

North Manzanilla housed the first Jungle Warfare Training School in the world for the Allied Forces during WWII. This Camp became known as,”The Road to Hell” since on average at least 4 servicemen were said to have died during their rigourous training exercises. However, much success came from training right here on Trini soil as the first unit 5308th Composite Infantry Regiment which later became know as,”Merill Marauders” found great fame fighting in Burma.
We will be running through that old camp site,etc!
Know, understand, appreciate and love your country – T&T!

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