Trash Run #828

15 Feb

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Commit-T 2013

Hash Master Pradeep Subrian psubrian[at] 678-2372
Assistant Hash Master Colin Sorias colinsorias[at]
Hash Cash Lorin Paton 622-5806
Hareline Salma Khan salmakhan_10[at] 753-8843
Hash Booze Ashe Holder
On-Sec Marita Guevara mcguevar[at]
Members Betty Agostini, Diana Henderson, Randall Lyon, Martin Griffith, Derek De Freitas, Marguerite Aanensen, Raymond Wyver, Dave Blunden, Joanne Esdale, Eric DeSilva

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Run: 828 Date: Feb 02 2013 Site: The Arboretum Hares: Ex Hash Masters Scribe: Alicia

Yet another West-side run, which should have been huge, but ended up being moderately attended…at best. With all the fetes, carnival activities, gatherings, and other assorted goings-on, who could blame people for “ducking” this run? To top it off, it was set by former Hash Masters, and we all know how those runs go; “Too many cooks in the kitchen,” or so they say.

That turned out to not be the case though, as out of the 25 former HM’s, only a mere handful showed up! Apparently the others had better things to do as well. Down in numbers, the HMs took us back to the Arboretum for another trip around and through the well-trodden Covigne Trails.

The run started off with the group heading back in the direction we came from then swiftly onto the mountain biking trails. After 15 minutes of seemingly running around in circles, we ended up just behind our original starting point but there was no ON-IN in sight! From here the run became interesting with some hills, in and out of the river, as well as a few back checks for good measure. At some point in the run, we started to wonder if the hares were purposely sending us through all of the stinging nettles and spider webs they could find.

Finally, we heard the sound of cascading water! A waterfall, what a treat! A few minutes under the falls was what we needed. This was immediately followed by a short ON-IN. Once again, no beer stop! You’d think the ex HMs would know better than this. Overall,the run was quite enjoyable.

The down-down, on the other hand was quite weird. There was a judge involved, one of the poofters having to drink their beer with a few chocolate bars floating in it which was supposed to represent poop??? Anyways, it was a strange ending to a decent run!

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