Trash Run – #830

17 Mar


A Drinking Club with a running problem

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DATE:March 2nd, 2013           RUN:#830                    RUN SITE : Caura

HARES: Vin, Michelle Keise (Stephen Kissoon), Dennis, Kyle, Victor & Wahid

SCRIBE : Hashslut

Once upon a time in the isle of Trinidad, the hash slut was getting ready to go to yet another hash.

Ah ready for de hash, meh shoes ready, meh hash jersey and pants ready, meh water and soap to wash off ready .  Ah ready ready.

The destination is Caura. Ah like Caura because ah always like hash wid ah river. De last time we went Caura, dey had bees dat just loved de woman wearing perfume.

The directions said, turn left on Eastern Main Road, if ya reach KFC, ya gone too far. Well, ya doh have to reach KFC  for  some hashers  to go too far.

Anyway, let’s get on de road. It take meh  bout  one hour to get to Caura and dey  had plenty hashers anxiously waiting to go in the bush.  It was a good turnout, some new faces.

Dey had ah whole bunch ah hares. De list was   Vin, Michelle, Keiser, Dennis, Kyle, Victor, Wahid and of course, ah man from de area. With a group like dat, de hash had to be confusing!! De Hash Master stand on ah heap ah sand and introduce de bunch ah hares and dem hares gave some details (all lies, as usual). Ah listening to de hash master when a man almost blind meh wid he brand new totally  white sneakers……..hmmmm, special down down for him.

So, is on on, and ah disappointed already because we going away from de river. Steups!!

We approach the first hill and I take a deep breath to start my assent. The barefoot hare calls the walkers back to another trail. So, being a little chubby and the knees not as strong as they use to be, I happily accepted the walkers route……so I’m ah wuss !!   I accept that.

So, the next trail looks like another hill. Well, dis is de walkers trail, so de hill go be short. Ah walk up, and then ah walk up more, like dis hill eh finishing!!! Well, ah panting like ah sick dog, meh knees  vex wid meh and meh tongue hanging out meh mouth and start to lick meh shoes.  De front runners done catch up and passing de walkers . Some people have dey hands on dey hips, some leaning on ah tree to rest. It was ah serious hill and we barely survived.

Anyway, de hash not done yet,  there was more.  So ah stick wid de walkers and able to do ah brisk walk. Ah ready for ah cold beer, but ah have to wait. We see ah truck in de bush and then suddenly, there was a buzzzz among de hashers!! It wasn’t e hashers talking too loud. It was a swarm of bees attacking the hashers. The bees were in ah frenzy, the hashers were in ah frenzy. This was clearly survival of de fastest.  Everybody run and eh look back. Husband separate from wife, girlfriend separate from boyfriend.  Dem bees sting some hashers til dey cry!!

So dis cause de hash to split into 4 distinct parts, some front pack ran for dey life, some take a drop wid de beekeeper (were seen puffing here, there and everywhere), some took alternate trail wid barefoot hare, and de all girls group went wid barefoot’s daddy.

I myself went wid barefoot (Kyle) and he lead us safely through bush wid no bees. Ah throw myself in de river. Ah was traumatized, ah needed something to calm meh down, to settle meh nerves…… ah needed ah very cold beer.

All hashers out de bush and talking about de experience.  Now dat de alcohol flowing, everybody happy. De hares real lucky dat dey eh have hashers who allergic!! Anyway, man, woman , child and others were OK.

Ah had to apoligize for not knowing what happen at de downs downs. Ah was wet and start to shiver, so ah went to change.  When ah reach back, ah went straight for another beer. We stay at de site for awhile. De lime was good, plenty shit talk.

De hares say dat dey organize to lime by de first bar on de left. We left in convoy and reach de bar….it closed. We see ah second bar….it closed, steups!!   Some hashers decide to go home, Dem hares bust up de lime. Some of us needed more beer to calm de nerves, so we reach Jammer’s bar to share some more pints.

Ah finish tell meh personal hash story.

Goat could rush us,  bulls could butt us, bees could sting us, marabunta could attack us, we will hash again.


We had 18 VIRGINS……and if you see the reaction of the new hashers when the bees attacked, they all in a frenzy but the seasoned ones, just another barrier to the beers at the end…..don’t worry; a few beers and it will take care for itself. The river limers had good fun, rubbing the white rum on the female hashers, even their buttocks as they seize the opportunity, taking the bees out of their hair while the male hashers had to jump into the river and fend for themselves. The run was a good one and enjoyed by all. Thanks to the hares, a good combination of virgin hares supported by seasoned ones. It is great to see men like Smitty always willing to assist where needed….thanks to him for being a hasher true and true!

VIRGINS: Khalid, Nick, Rachel, Kiana, Kamla, Jordan, Robert, Katrina, Natalia, Camila, Max, Drue, Derrick, Richard, Michelle, Ardene, Rory and Siddarth

Visiting Hasher – Tweedle Dumb – USA

Poofter: The Hares

From the HASH MASTER ……….ON ON!



DATE :  March 30th, 2013

HARES: Nico & Andre

RUN SITE:  Penal

Time: 3.30pm


Drive to the end of the Solomon Hochoy Highway at Golconda and take a left at the roundabout followed by an immediate right after 200m. Follow this road towards Debe and follow the signs for Penal. Once in Penal proper, follow the main road southwest towards Siparia for another 2.7km and take a right towards the Moora Dam for another 1km. This turn off is approximately 800m before the turn-off to the PowerGen Plant. So if you once you see PowerGen, you went too far!  Total distance from lighthouse approx. 65km (about 1:15 hour drive). The site is easy to reach, also for cars, and there is sufficient parking. Food will be arranged.

Hares: Nico & Andre


March 16, 2013

Randall Lyon





March 30, 2013

Nico Kersting

Moora Dam (New Territory)




April 13, 2013

Doon (Birthday Bash Run – BBR)

Maracas Bay

(Doon’s Residence)




April 27, 2013

Nevi Boos




May 11, 2013

The Bimbos: Memorial Run

To be finalized




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