Run Directions – Run#832

18 Mar


DATE: Sat 30th March, 2013
HARES: Nico, Andre, Derrick, Tiza
RUN SITE: Electric Blue Bar, Penal
Time: 3.30pm

Drive to the end of the Solomon Hochoy Highway at Golconda and take a left at the roundabout followed by an immediate right after 200m, at the traffic lights. Follow this road towards Debe and follow the signs for Penal. Once in Penal proper (landmark: the standing clock just before the market), follow the main road southwest towards Siparia for another 2.7km and take a right towards the Moora Dam for another 1km. This turn off is approximately 800m before the turn-off to the PowerGen Plant. So if you once you see PowerGen, you went too far! 4km until you see a very blue building on your left: Electric Blue Bar. This is 300m after the entrance to PowerGen (also on your left).  Total distance from lighthouse approx. 65km (about 1:15 1:30 – 1:45 hour drive). The site is easy to reach, also for cars, and there is sufficient parking. Food will be arranged.

Moora Dam Run 2013-03-17 14.22.05 2013-03-17 14.32.30 map-dam-hash-run-2013

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