Run Directions – Run #842 – Blanchisseuse Village

30 Jul

Date: Sat Aug 03 2013
Time: 3:30pm
Site: Marianne Beach Parking Lot, North Coast Rd., Blanchisseuse
Parking fees: $15./car, $20./Small Maxi,$40./Big Maxi. Includes basic washroom facilities on site.
Hares: Ashe, Taz, Corkie, Don, Eric, Robert, Antony{hunter} & Ivan.

Depart POS at 1.30pm. Proceed through Maraval and onto the North Coast Rd passing Maracas Bay, Las Cuevas Bay, La Fillet Village and into Blanchisseuse Village. In Blanchisseuse, look out for a Roman Catholic Church on the left side of the road-way. Approx 100m after RC Church there is a major junction. Carry straight over{east}. DO NOT TURN RIGHT{south to Arima}. Drive approx 1.5km and immediately before the Laguna Mar sign there is a causeway on the left-side of roadway. Turn left, drive in gingerly on causeway through a swamp on either side. After 200m there is a beach car-park and behold, the picturesque mouth of Marianne River connects with the cool Caribbean Sea{ocean front}.

N.B. Please don’t park at Laguna Mar’s car-park at side of Restaurant or on Hotel’s compound since those areas are reserved for guests.
Cost: $10.00/vehicle.

Catering at site – West Indian Stewed Chicken, rice, peas, provision & salad. Cost $30.00.

Laguna Mar Beach Hotel,Blanchisseuse.
Cost: TT$440.00/night air-conditioned double room.
N.B. There is no set check-in or check-out time so you can check-in on Saturday morning and check-out Sunday afternoon.
There is a restaurant & bar on site.
Call 1-868-669-2963 for reservations/inquires.

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