Run Directions – Run#861 – Moruga – Virgin Territory!

16 Mar


Directions to the next run: #861
Date: Sat Mar 29th 2014
Time: 3:30PM
Hared: The Unforgiven, Mahashma, Papa Smurf
Site: Moruga – Virgin Territory
1. Starting from after the Brian Lara Stadium on the Solomon Hochoy Highway
2. Exit on left on lay-by to Princess Town, Palymra.
3. Turn left at end of lay-by and drive approx. 0.9 km to Junction. Turn left onto Naparima Mayaro Rd. to Princess Town.
4. Landmark 1: At about 6.9 km, pass Traffic Lights and keep going straight into Princess Town.
5. After the town of Princess Town on the Naparima Mayaro Rd., you will meet the Matilda Junction ( Big sign on road). Turn Right onto Matilda Rd., to Moruga.
6. At approximately 12.6 km, you would meet another main junction. This is the Indian Walk Junction. Turn right at this junction to Moruga.
7. Landmark 2: At approximately 21.6 km, you would pass the new Unipet Gas Station on the left.
8. Landmark 3: At approximately 31.7 km (pole 408), you would pass Chanos Roti Shop on left.
9. Run Site: At pole 474, turn right into trace on right (Hash Sign would be up). You would also see sign, Goat Milk for Sale.
Cater for 2 – 2 1/2 hours of relaxing and scenic country side. Food will be on sale.

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