Run Directions – Run#866 – Tacarigua

31 May

un #449  Date                     Monday 2nd June 2014     Mon 2nd June 5:15 pm Mike Residence, Morne Coco Rd., Westmoorings Coming from the East, drive past west mall, cross the river and turn north/right at the Westmoorings lights . Turn down the fourth street on your left (just before the entrance to Marlins pool - look for a bamboo patch on the corner. First house on the right hand side by the first speed bump in the road (168).

Date: Sat 7 Jun 2014
Time: 3:30PM
Head east on C. R. Highway to Orange Grove Road, this is the traffic light after Trincity Industrial Estate. Turn left at the lights and follow the road to the Eastern Main Road, turn right on the main road , after crossing the traffic lights by the NP Service Station, turn left at the second street Crown Street, drive all the way up the street and follow the HHH sign at Balgobin Street to the run site Hutt Shutts Bar. Buss up Shot with stew or curry chicken on sale $30. (

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