Run Directions – Run#898 – Piparo

29 Jun

RUN: #898

DATE: 4th July 2015

TIME: 3:30 p.m.

SITE: Debbie & Rory’s Bar, Piparo

HARES: Rum Runners

DIRECTIONS:  Head South on Solomon Hochoy Highway. Exit on the Gasparillo Bypass Road (turn off before the San Fernando turn off). Drive to the end of this road. At T-junction turn RIGHT on to Guaracara Tabaquite Road. Drive until you see Starwalk Restaurant and Supermarket……… will make a LEFT into Wiliamsville, you will still be on the Guaracara Tabaquite Road. Drive until you meet a “Y” and you will keep RIGHT bringing you onto Sister’s Road. Follow Sister’s Road past the Triveni Mandir until you reach Thomas Cross Road, where you will make a LEFT. Follow this road until you reach a WASA Sub station, here you will make a RIGHT and after about 100m you will see Debbie and Rory’s Bar.”

BBQ lunches will be on sale for $40. There will be chicken, fish and vegetarian meals available. DJ will be on site for after run jam. Please remember to have a designated driver, after all this is the Rum Runners Run.

On On!


One Response to “Run Directions – Run#898 – Piparo”

  1. Gerry Soogrim July 1, 2015 at 8:07 PM #

    It is very difficult to read the stuff on the right side of the site. I know we want to be creative etc, but if the background colour and/or the colour of the writing is changed to , say…maybe black, that would be great.

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