Run Directions – Run#922 – Mission Village, Toco

15 Mar

RUN:  922

DATE:  26th March 2016

TIME:   3.30pm

SITE:   Mission Village, Toco

HARES: Star Boys

Directions:  From POS proceed East via the Churchill Roosevelt Highway passing Nestle, FEDEX and Pricesmart all the way up to Valencia Junction. On approaching Valencia Junction you will see the Police post on the right, the road then splits. Stay left and proceed in the direction of the Toco Main Road.

Drive for about 10K, approx. 25 to 30 mins. you will approach the Toco Main Road turnoff, turn left onto the Toco Main Road. From there you will pass Matura, Balandra, Cumana villages on the way to Toco.

Approaching Toco village you will see a triangle on the road please stay left, passing the MASSIVE Police Station on the left. From there drive for about 5 mins passing a small fishing depot on the right, then a power station on the left and you will see a wide open beach i.e. MISSION BRACH which is the run site.

Food will be catered…we are trying to keep it local. Fish, hopefully crab an crayfish “once available” with dumpling and provision.

The drive usually takes about 2 hrs from POS. Bearing in mind its Easter weekend and it will have a lot more traffic than usual with campers and people making their way to the different beaches. We advise the earlier the better!!!

P.S. A bus would be organized once there is a demand. Inform any of the Committee Members if you are interested.

Look for HHH signs


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