Run Directions – Run#925 – Plum Road

27 Apr

DATE: 7th May 2016
TIME: 3.30pm
SITE: Plum Road
HARES: Arima Spartans

Directions: From the West/South/Central head East to the Town of Sangre Grande. As you reach the Town follow the Main Road, until you reach the bus terminal, located on the left side of the road. Pass the bus terminal and turn right at the corner. Drive past an abandoned wooden building, which used to be the fire station. Turn right at the intersection, you are supposed to be heading in a southerly direction. Pass a roundabout and the Sangre Grande Police station on the left, and continue driving, you are now on the Manzanilla Main Road, drive for approx.. 30 mins. Upon reaching the Gas station followed by a church on the left hand side drive for approx.. 200 metres more, where you will come to a T junction, make a right turn into plum road. Drive for approx.. 1.5 miles to Bobby’s Bar located on the left with open area, concrete benches and umbrella on right. Look for HHH signs to run site.
Bar B Que on Sale Chicken or Fish



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