Run Directions – Run#934 – Flanagin Town

20 Aug

Run: 934
DATE: 27th August, 2016
TIME: 3:30 p.m.
SITE: Flanagin Town
HARES: David Morand et al

DIRECTIONS: Drive East from POS on Churchill Roosevelt Highway. Head South on Solomon Hochoy Highway, exit at Chaguanas by Bhagwansingh Hardware. Travel East on Old Longdenville Road to Blue Eclipse Bar in Longdenville, turn right/South. Stay on this road (pass Ravine Sable) for approx. 14kms to T-junction. (First HHH sign). Turn left and quickly, at Brasso Police post, turn right on Telemaque Road. Go to T-junction, turn left. Continue on this road 5 minsto run site. Large radar or radio dome…….
On On!


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