Run Directions – Run#954 – Talparo Junction

1 May

RUN: 954
DATE: 6th May 2017
TIME: 3.30 pm
SITE: Talparo Junction
HARES: Arima Spartons

Drive east along the Churchill Roosevelt Highway, passing the Piarco Intersection. Continue for 10 min passing Pricesmart and O’Meara road to the next traffic lights, Tumpuna Road. Turn right onto Tumpuna Road and head south. Continue south for a further 6 min (passing the horse farm on the left) toward San Raphael Junction. You will observe a church on the left. Turn right at the junction and head west driving for approximately 200 meters (pass a bridge) to a y junction and turn left. Drive south for approximately twenty minutes through Brazil Village to Talparo Junction. This is the Hash Site. Look out for HHH signs along the way.

Food on sale! Fried rice, BB-Que Chicken or Fish, Fresh salad, Potato or Fig salad.

On On!

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