Run Directions – Run#979 – Bunsee Trace – L’eau Michel Mud Volcano

23 Feb

Another 4King Hares Hash Run!

RUN #: 979

DATE: Saturday February 24th, 2018

LOCATION: Bunsee Trace – L’eau Michel Mud Volcano

RUN TIME: 3:45pm

HARES: The 4King Hares

FOOD: roti meals for sale at site (including veggies)


From POS drive east along the CRH and continue south along the UBH and Sir Solomon Hochoy Highway until you reach the signs for Debe. Follow the signs and drive through Debe (after picking up some doubles) and continue to Penal.

In ”downtown” Penal take a left at ”the clock” onto Penal-Rock Rock. Follow this road for 9km until Bunsee Trace on your right (conveniently placed in a curve to the left, so be careful for upcoming traffic!). There will be a HHH sign indicating this turn-off.

Follow Bunsee Trace for 4km until the hash site at the entrance of the forest.

Total distance: 75 km from POS light house. With normal Saturday traffic 1.5 hours, but expect some delay in Debe and Penal.  (so up to 2 hours depending on weather, funerals, map reading skills, amount of doubles, police blocks, refueling, bar stops, missed turns, etc…).

For the GPS fanatics: WGS84  674256.77 mE and 1116536.20 mN

For alternative routes (potentially faster/shorter) check Waze, Maps.Me or Google Maps.

PS The L‘eau Michel Mud Volcano (aka Bunsee Trace Mud Volcano) is part of the hash and despite rumors this volcano has not violently erupted (yet) nor has it been exhausted due to J’Ouvert. Plenty mud left… 


There will be water on the site to rinse off any mud, but it does not harm to bring some extra yourselves!

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