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Run Directions – RUN#1000 – Huttshutts

15 Nov

Directions to the 1000th Run!!!!!! :D
Please READ all notes.

RUN: 1000
DATE: 17th November 2018
TIME: 3:30 pm
SITE: HuttShutts Sports & Entertainment Centre
HARES: 2018 Committee…/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x8c36006a4…


1) Showers are available.
2) Our sponsors will be on site for T-shirt distribution from 2pm.
Please come early to secure your size . (S M L XL). T-Shirts are dri-fit so we ask that you wear it for the run.
T-Shirts are gifted on Saturday only.
3) The run begins promptly at 3:30pm.
4) Please be mindful of the traffic situation on the highway and between Eddie Hart and Dinsley junction on as Saturday. Please leave home with enough time.
5) There is usually a dress code at HuttShutts, which will be overlooked to accommodate Hashers. Our entrance is from the back of the building and up the stairs.
6) Please don’t skip or hurry away from the beer stop (ooops, did I just let that cat out of the bag?). Hang around for the photo-op.
7) Food on sale: $40 – fish, chicken, veggies.  Available inside.
8) Please be in place for the down downs which will also take place inside.

On On for the 1000th time!


POSH3 Celebrates 1000 Runs!

8 Nov

Charity Red Dress Run

8 Nov



Charity Red Dress Run
Thursday November 15th November 
Brooklyn Bar; 5:15 pm
$50 plus contribution to charity.

(Charity – Medical expenses for the son of fellow Hasher Sahadeo Jagdeo.)

On On!


1000th Run Celebrations!

8 Nov