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Hash Cruise Bulletin

25 Jul

Run Directions – Run#962 – La Tinta Bay, Chacachacare Island

24 Jul

Run: #962
Date: Sat 29th July 2017
Time: NOON!..yes 12:00PM sharp!!
Site: La Tinta Bay, Chacachacare Island
Hares:Team DDI (Drunk, Disorderly & Indecisive)

Big boat HHH cruisers: Pre-boarding at Pier 1, Chaguaramas from 8:30am. Stay tuned for your upcoming cruise bulletin.

All others: If you are planning on joining up with the hash at La Tinta, note there will be no hash bar on island. Walk with your drinks!

Tickets for the big boat are completely sold out. Call Ricky 765 6383 for information on an alternative ride to the island.

On On!

Run Directions – Run#960 – The Arboretum, Chaguaramas

27 Jun

RUN: #960
DATE: July 1st 2017
TIME: 3:30pm
HARES: Whatsapp Rebels
SITE: The Arboretum, Tucker Valley, Chaguaramas

Directions: From Port of Spain, head west to Carenage/ Chaguaramas. Just after CDA Police post (Pier II), turn right (north) onto Tucker Valley Road towards Macqueripe beach. Continue pass road to Chaguaramas golf course (Bellerand Rd) on left, then turn right just before Samaan Park parking lot (on right). Continue on road and turn right (at gate/ barrier) to Arboretum.


Run Directions – Run#956 – Balandra

29 May

RUN: #956
DATE: 3rd June, 2017
TIME: 3:30 p.m.
SITE: Arthur’s Bar, Balandra
HARES: The Pull Out Crew

DIRECTIONS: Leave POS heading east via the CR H’WY, passing Nestle, FEDEX , Pricemart , Santa Rosa and all the way to Valencia . On reaching the Valencia Junction, passing the Police post on the right, the road splits into 2. Stay left and proceed to the Toco main RD. When you get to the Toco main RD turn left . Drive for another 40 minutes passing Matura, Balandra beach and then to Arthur’s Bar on the left.

Parking is just before the bar along the side streets.
Food will be on sale: crab and dumpling, fish and chicken with provisions , fish broth, souse etc etc.

The drive is about 1 hr 45 minutes . Please leave home early to avoid the traffic! Hash starts at 3 30 PM and these hares have no intentions of waiting for the late comers !!


Run Directions – Run#954 – Talparo Junction

1 May

RUN: 954
DATE: 6th May 2017
TIME: 3.30 pm
SITE: Talparo Junction
HARES: Arima Spartons

Drive east along the Churchill Roosevelt Highway, passing the Piarco Intersection. Continue for 10 min passing Pricesmart and O’Meara road to the next traffic lights, Tumpuna Road. Turn right onto Tumpuna Road and head south. Continue south for a further 6 min (passing the horse farm on the left) toward San Raphael Junction. You will observe a church on the left. Turn right at the junction and head west driving for approximately 200 meters (pass a bridge) to a y junction and turn left. Drive south for approximately twenty minutes through Brazil Village to Talparo Junction. This is the Hash Site. Look out for HHH signs along the way.

Food on sale! Fried rice, BB-Que Chicken or Fish, Fresh salad, Potato or Fig salad.

On On!

Run Directions – Run#953 – Doon’s Place, Maracas

12 Apr

RUN: 953
DATE: 22nd April 2017
TIME: 3.30pm
SITE: Maracas
HARES: Doon et al

Directions: Drive along the Maraval road on the way to Maracas Beach. On reaching the pillars in Maraval, turn left and head to Maracas beach…..continue driving until you reach the beach passing the public car park on the right and all the famous bake and shark food huts. Continue driving slowly and in couple seconds you will see a gas station on the right just before Uncle Sam’s Bar. Before the gas station, there is a road in the right, turn into that road and make the first left turn and drive straight….follow the HHH signs, the last house is Doon’s residence and the run site.

On On!

Run Directions – Run#952 – Matura

5 Apr

RUN: 952
DATE: 8th April 2017
TIME: 3.30pm
SITE: Matura
HARES: The Veterans

Directions: Take CR Highway heading East to Wallerfield, at Demerara or Antigua roads turn left to the EM Road.At the Junction turn right to Valencia. At Valencia Junction keep left passing through Valencia Forest to the Toco main road. At the junction turn left and drive approximately 8km, taking 15 minutes to Matura Village, passing Nature Seekers on left. Look for next turning on the right, Church Street, HHH sign here, go uphill to Church bearing to left follow-road 1/2 mile to run site. At the Foresters shed, drive past for ample parking area. Please do not park in front or before the shed.

Food on sale, first come first served Fish $40 and chicken $35.

On On!