Hash Terms

Hash 101

Are You? One of the most common phrases uttered when hashing. Yell “Are You?”, when you are lost and cannot find trail. A good hasher always answers. It’s also a good way to find hashers in a crowd, at an airport, in a seedy adult film store, etc.
Back Check The FRB’s nightmare, a back check means that trail has just ended and somewhere behind you the trail continues. (See hash marks). FRB’s hate these since they have to make up ground to try to “win” the hash.
POSH3 or POSHHH Short for Port of Spain Hash House Harriers
BN “Beer Near” Hash mark indicating a nearby beer stop.
Chalk Used at times to set live runs. Hash marks are drawn on the pavement/ asphalt/ sidewalk using various colored chalk.
Check An “X” marked on trail that signifies that the trail is possibly changing directions and that new trail starts within 100 yards. (see hash signs) Also, a good play to rest while the FRB’s search for trail. Remember that a great check yell is something to be proud of in the hash.
Down Down The ceremony of immaculate consumption involving the imbibing of the liquid manifestation of God. (see holy fluid) The down down is of religious importance and must be performed in one of three consecrated manners. Drinking, pouring on head, or pouring in shorts. Down downs are administered for various Hash transgressions or just for the hell of it. Remember, the decision of the circle is always final.
False Trail A false trail is a trail from a check that ends in an “F”. Most hashers hate these and you can hear many colorful metaphors associated with these on trail. (see hash signs)
Flour Ordinary flour used to mark hash trail. Live runs are set predominantly in flour or chalk.
Hare The hare is the person who lays the trail. Each week, there is a new group of hares and it’s totally voluntary. The hare is responsible for laying the trail, moving shag bags, providing the beer/snacks and choosing the on on on. Never ridicule a hare until you’ve been one yourself. We always need hares. (see Geek)
Hash Bimbo Affectionate term for hash women.
Hash Cash The people who collect the money for the hash. Also, the 3 dollars you pay to participate in the hash. The money is used to pay for the beer and the food at each hash.
Hash Name A name or endearment that will be given to you after you’ve done something stupid or memorable. This name will stick with you for the rest of your hash life and you probably won’t like it. At least not at first.
Hash Trash Hash trash is the weekly retelling of events from the previous hash in some sort of newsletter format. Many people find writing these a heinous duty, if you like to write and want to participate talk to one of your on-secs.
Interhash Any hash event that joins multiple hashes, usually State, Country and World Wide, with purpose to partake in hashing, beer drinking and other hedonistic activities.
Live Hare Every once in a while, a hare decides to lay a trail live. This means that the hare lay trail with only a 5 – 15 minute head start. Everyone loves a live hare run, since the goals is to catch the hare and de-pant them before they make to the end.
Looking or Checking Like checking, yell “Looking” when someone yells “Are You” and you have temporarily lost trail. If you are not on trail at all, simply say “No”.
Mismanagement The group of folks who try to manage the hash, hence the name. Mismanagement is made up of the Grand Masters, Joint Masters, Hash Cash, Religious Advisor and On-sec.
New shoe Also, any person who wears new shoes to the hash. The hasher has to down a beer in the circle, out of one of their shoes.
On Call When you hear someone else calling, “On On” and you do not see the mark yourself yell, “On Call”.
On In When you’re running trail and you see the end of the trail or the On Home then you yell, “On In”. Most hashers will start running a bit faster knowing that the beer is near.
On On What every good hasher should yell whenever the see a plop of flour on the ground. Also, the hallowed ground where the running ends and the drinking begins.
On After Also, On After. The party after the On On where we drink heavily and frolic with the locals at their favorite drinking holes.
On-Sec The person who writes the hash trash and informs the hash of upcoming events in other parts of the hash world.
Paper Usually white shredded paper of shredded newsprint used to mark the trail on a hash run. Pre-set runs are mostly set with shredded paper.
SCB Short Cutting Bastard. Any person that takes a chance on finding the beer sooner by shortcutting trail.
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