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Trash Run 739

18 Sep

Hash Trash Run 739

HASH MASTER Michelle Girod 741-9125 mredon7@gmail.com
HASH ASS Arthur Seebalack 461-5665
ON-SEC Mumtaz Amarali 625-3617 x29436 51cleroffadmin1@republictt.com
HARELINE Salma Khan 753-8843
HASH C$SH Lorin Paton 622-5806 (O)
HASH BOOZE Nevie Boos 637-3033 (H)
HASH SOFTIES Richard Marlay 351-3694
Betty Agostini Flash Boos Karen Hale Ronald Mc Donald
Website Address: http://poshhh.org

739 January 9, 2010 The Big Dicks Alenore Gardens, Arima Long Time Hasher

Well it was a last minute decision to make this hash, as I bus’ it out the house at   3-00 pm to head towards Arima. Thoughts ran through my mind as to how late the run would start ? I mean Michelle now hash mistress, surely I would have time! But then wait, talk was she had turned over a new leaf and would actually be at the run early. Well who would I be with to catch up the pack after reaching late ? Just Dookie and his dog?!!
Turning into the runsite it was with some relief that I saw hashers still milling around, 6 big dicks in yellow directing parking, Michelle looking oh so officious in blue with board and paper in hand, who were we waiting on? Suddenly into the runsite arrived Dookie and dog in his yellow jeep. Ah ha the run could now start, and so said, The biggest Dick (so he keeps saying !!) called us to order with the usual preamble.

On on down the road out the runsite and then no paper or trail. A couple of minutes of looking and then back to the cars. What a great run guys ,a little bit short , but that’s OK! Where are the beers?!!
Wait what are we now doing running off away from the cars up a hill, as I followed a hasher dressed in Coco the clown pantaloons, saw Nevie roll his eyes and wonder what the hash is coming to (did he look in the mirror boxing Day?!!).Up this hill to the first check and trail to the right. Down a next trail and then more checking. So set the trend for the run. up and down well marked trails, (no chance of lost hashers here!) in and out a river, presumably the same one , at least 4 times. Through Bamboo, around the people’s vegetable garden. A seasoned hasher like myself could not work it out, we seemed to be zig zagging through A very small area, but it was working well as back markers and walkers frequently found themselves at the front of the run, and the pack more or less stayed together. Chance of a couple of nice views of the central plains on the way, and some nice running towards the end, on the on-in.

A few observations on the run:-
What did the hasher do with his monster energy drink can, after sitting down half way through the run to drain its contents?? Biodegradable Aluminum right?
A first on the run for me was a hasher pretty in pink, with matching pink towel in hand!! Can’t sweat on a run right?, sorry perspire!!!
What was the hasher doing answering his phone on the hash? Aren’t cellphones supposed to be on silent for the hash?
After hash activities warmed up quickly with bragging rights as to who came in first. Hanif and Harty laid claim, and then it turned out they had missed the end of the run. Beers were flowing freely, s..t talk flowing as usual and suddenly that was it, NO MORE BEERS.!! Just enough for the Down Downs and Poofter.
Apparently the residents in the area didn’t feel safe with all these strange looking Hashers around,??  and we were advised not to stay late?? Some discontent ensued, some grumbling hashers left, Zam and friend not getting the chance to market and sell their Breathalizer kits, and we were given directions to a nearby rumshop down the road for continuation of the fun.

Over 45 thirsty hashers descended on this rumshop, who obviously had been forewarned, as the carib truck was outside! Beers started flowing again and a 3- man band started playing long time and old time calypso, for everyone to sing along with. A great lime ensued, and even the Yachties present were seen singing along to “Black man feeling to party”! Nobody seemed to want it to finish and those guys must have performed for over an hour. They weren’t even put off by Betty’s singing!! As I left David Dookie was seen bag in hand wandering off down the road to the Arima taxi stand!!

Michelle’s Mess

First, it was the case of the beer evaporating off the back of the pickup truck then it was the cries of what! – beer done already! Then it was de hares! …. Ladies, I ask you what is a girl to believe?  One week they wearing dresses and the next they calling themselves Big Dicks and wearing some strange looking appendages round their necks.   All these mixed signals left me wondering if the Hares suffering from penis envy or pussy envy.    Anyway, to their credit, the run was well set and they organized an excellent after lime at Gokool’s Bar, where the hash was entertained by the well known and talented Steven Garcia and friends.  These guys provided some vintage calypso that had all of us singing along.  So thanks Eggie aka Friar Egg, Hose Man Gerry, Los Pimpos, Astro Boy, f.w.l. BLING, Bacon and The Quiet One for a great evening.

Virgins: Welcome and hope to see you again:  Kat, Jorn, Ricardo and Brian 

Birthdays: Best wishes to Salma Khan for a great year ahead and hope you have many many more.

New Shoes: Bernard – who bravely drank out of Hanif’s shoe

Poofter nominees: Ricardo – bad enough that he did the run in rubber slippers, but with a cigarette stuck behind one ear too! Eh Eh,   Then there was Harty, Hanif, Curtis and Doon’s girlfriend, SCBs, who took a short cut  that cut off 20 mins of the run, and finally the winners – Jorn & Kat, who all during the run were either arguing or giving directions to each other on walkie talkies!    Tut tut. 

Hash Sports & Family Day: Postponed to the end of March. 

Hashers Wear White Kaiso Competition: Carnival Saturday 13th February, 2010

Who will dethrone Martin?   The word is out – the girls coming strong and Mervyn say that nobody cyah beat him. Will de Mighty Ole Clothes take de crown!  To find out, don’t miss the Hash Run and Calypso competition. 
Free entrance, drinks and eats on sale.  ON ON

Thursday May 27th to Tuesday June 1st
(Public Holidays Trinidad:  Monday 31st May and Thursday 3rd June)


Thursday 27th May   Depart POS @ 9:30 p.m.  
Arrive:  12 a.m. (Suriname 1 hour ahead TT)
Check in Krasnapolsky Hotel, Paramaribo
Friday:                        Free day   – Shop / sight see / lime or just catch up on sleep!
Saturday                    Transfer to Bergendal Eco and Adventure Resort
Hash Run in afternoon
Sunday:                     Day trip to Baboenhol mountain area 
Hash run / Lime
Monday:                     Return to Krasnapolsky Hotel, Paramaribo
Hash Run with Paramaribo Hash in the afternoon
Tuesday 1st June     Depart Suriname at 6:30 a.m.   
Arrive Trinidad 7 a.m.

Cost:                           Double Occupancy $4,850.00
Triple              “           $4,665.00
Quad              “           $4,556.00

Package includes:  

  • Airfare, accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner

Transfers, all taxes

  • Alcohol at the runs in Bergendal and Baboenhol
  • Unlimited  non-alcoholic beverages at Bergendal

(tea, coffee, juices, water)

Deadline for payment:        1st pymt:  $1,500 payable by 27th February
2nd pymt:  $1,500 by 30th March
Balance due:   30th April, 2010 

Ticketing Deadline:             22nd March, 2010
Changes/cancellations after 22/03/10 incur US$54.00 penalty
Visa Requirements:           Caricom nationals – Visa not required
US citizens:   Visa required – cost US$110.00
Multiple entry, valid for 5 years
Canadian/British nationals:
Visa Required – cost US$55.00
Valid for 2 months, multiple entry
Check out the Hotel and Resort at their websites: 
Bergendal:                            http://www.bergendalresort.com
Krasnapolsky:                       http://www.krasnapolsky.sr

DATE:          February 6,2010                       
HARES:               Hale and Harty plus Crew                       
RUN SITE:    Chaguaramas
RUN TIME:    3.30 pm

Drive west on the Western Main Road through Carenage to Chaguaramas. As you pass Pier 1 (on the left), make first right after bridge (you will see large yellow building aka The Base). Proceed on the Tucker Valley Road passing riffle range and immediately after there is a right turn, follow road to run site.