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‘Die Hards 2011’ Presents “Beau Geste”

10 Feb

Die Hards 2011 Presents Beau GesteThe journey with the French Foreign Legion to Algiers is about to start. Do not be left out!!!!

The exotic dancers of Morocco are now getting ready to do their thing through the streets of the Kasbah. Our festival is here and everyone is preparing to take part in the celebrations. We will be joining them to enjoy the great food and drinks over the period of the celebrations. Are you ready??

We are a family oriented band and our approach has always been for the masqueraders to design their own costume. This year it’s ARABIAN and for the first time we have provided designs to guide you, if you wish……………

Die Hards 2011 Presents Beau Geste

For those of you who would like help, the name address and contact number of our tailor who can assist in making your costumes and the person who could assist in decorating your costumes, are provided below:

  • Making Costume: Leonard Doonie of 36 Baden Powell Street, Woodbrook
    Phone: 622-5564, Mobile: 374-9396
  • Decorating Costumes: Richard Afong of 9 Alyce Glen Petit Valley
    Phone: 637-4674, Mobile: 620-3372

For Registration please contact any one (1) of the following persons:

  • Christine Lyon: 637-7360, Mobile: 706-6576, e-mail: christinelyon@tstt.net.tt
  • Maggie Lloyd: 637-7677, Mobile: 681-6247
  • Mary Jardine: 628-9049, e-mail: maryjardine@mail.tt

Die Hards 2011 Presents Beau Geste

The cost per band Member is $1,500.00 plus $40.00 for secure parking for both days i.e. $20.00 per day.
This entitles you to all the drinks and food available and there is plenty.

The band will be departing from St. Crispin’s School on Ariapita Avenue (Click for map) at the following times:

  • Monday: 11:00am
  • Tuesday: 10:00am
  • Die Hards 2011 Presents Beau Geste