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Run Directions – Run #846

25 Sep

Paria, Blanchisseuse
Saturday 28 Sept 2013
Run Time 3.30 PM
Hares Morand, Doon, Kern, Rishi and Dominique

Depart POS. Proceed through Maraval and onto the North Coast Rd passing Maracas Bay, Las Cuevas Bay, La Fillet Village and past Blanchisseuse Village. Drive past Blanchiseusse on North coast road, and over the Blanchisseuse Spring Bridge on the north coast road to Paria. About five minutes after bridge, arrive at hash site.
Pooling in trucks/ 4X4’s not a bad idea. Food available after.

Trash Run #816

15 Oct


HASH MASTER Mumtaz Amarali 625-3617 x29436 mumtaz98@hotmail.com
HASH ASSISTANT Pradeep Subrian 678-2372 psubrian@bluewaterstt.com
COMMUNICATIONS MINISTER Zameer Ali 678-9172 u4ria532@hotmail.com
FINANCE MINISTER Lorin Paton 622-5806 (O)
HARELINE Salma Khan 753-8843 salmakhan_10@hotmail.com
Arthur Seebalack
Tiza Matura
Martin Griffith
Ashe Holder
Janine Winston 680-2373
Colin Sorias
Betty Agostini
Diane Henderson
Website Address: http://poshhh.org
816 Sep 1, 2012 David and Kristin Morand, Toni and Nella Flanagin Town Muhammed Al Fuc Que

Line Break - On-On Feet

My absolute favorite thing on the hash must be to scribe. I can never escape it. Even when I stop hashing for a while, inevitably when I return, I will be asked. Two Saturdays ago was no different. This time though, I was approached by the Ironing Lady AFTER the run, when I was already half drunk with no clue as to what transpired a mere hour or two ago.

I was en-route to the hash, driving behind some slow poke who turned out to be Marli, who was unsure of where he was going, so he graciously pulled aside to let me take the lead. On approaching the site, I was scared shitless, as coming toward me in a mean, battle ready Land Rover jeep, was non other than Osama Bin Laden! Whatthefuck???  I thought he was killed in Pakistan by the Americans?? A lump of shit sneaked out of my asshole and just brushed my jockey shorts leaving some skid marks and went back up, when I realized it was non other than that ancient recluse of a hasher once known as All Fours, otherwise known as Denis Voison now sporting a Bin Laden look alike beard. Seems he was taking his dogs for their regular Saturday afternoon drive when he stumbled upon the On –In and realized that he was in hash territory. I could not convince him to join us in the run, but he willingly decided to partake in the beers afterwards.

The place was well decorated in the national colours, this being the day after out 50th Independence anniversary, complete with DJ playing kaiso from back in the days of Columbus and almost everyone in their patriotic red and black except for Ash who is colour blind, not knowing the difference between purple and red.

The area looked suited to a good run, the type of terrain that only a real jack ass could fuck up. But then again, it was Morand. A call to order and we were off and running up a hill right from the start. A call of on back had Kristin feeling as pleased as punch, no doubt she set that false trail. The right trail was back down and off to the right. The tone of the first half of the run was pretty much the same, single file and mostly uphill. For the second half, it got more varied and interesting with a bit of slippery, rocky river and some wider trails that allowed for some running and overtaking. Soon enough, we were on the road and the on-in and we were back at the cars. A good run and just the right length for me as I had not hashed for a while.

Meanwhile, back at the cars, the lime got going with the tourist section comprising of Demaris, Flash et al sitting in their chairs chit chatting and the crowd gathering into their various cliques.

The down downs were called, and there was a re-enactment of the signing of the declaration of independence by Queen Elizabeth (not Betty…..or was it Princess Margaret?), Sir Solomon Hochoy and a rather malnourished Eric Williams. The usual birthday greetings to Michelle and Kristin, introduction of the virgins and what now passes for the poofter award. There was also Ex-HM Quinam Bay , giving a down down to the departing Congo Man, who after years of trying finally got Mr. Henry at the Canadian Embassy to approve his residency status. However, the celebrations were short lived, as we found out he was not really leaving us, but merely going on extended vacation as he would be back for Carnival, every regatta and Great Race to throttle for Mr. Solo and just about any other reason he can find. This just about covers about eight months of the year.

The food was excellent and thank God, the DJ found his box of up to date records and the party started in earnest, with everyone having a blast. Seems the lime was so good that when we attempted to stage an after hash bar lime, no one really turned up so we proceeded home.

As I sign off, I would like to wish Darin all the best and we look forward to him running with the POSH3 in the future. We will certainly miss his loud presence and as a part of that great group of run setters, Larry, Curly and Moe who have been responsible for some of the best runs experienced on the POSH3. Maybe he can set the overseas next year in Toronto .

From all of us Darin…..Bon Voyage……On-On!

Line Break - On-On Feet

From the Office of the Iron Lady

The Port of Spain Hash House Harriers joins our country Trinidad and Tobago in the celebration of our Golden Jubilee,

50 years of being independent. Trinidad is my land and of it I am proud and glad, so we joined in the celebration by wearing red and you know there must be some who came in other colors. But the majority was in red, so as we ran through some lovely terrain it was such a beautiful sight to see all that red amidst the browns and greens of the forest. Good job to our hares in finding a good area for the run site and also setting an enjoyable run. The Order of the Port of Spain Hash House Harriers Award was given to Lorin Paton for his distinguished and outstanding Service to the Port of Spain Hash. The CHACONIA MEDAL AWARD was awarded to Daphne Carvalho who has served the hash in the field of promoting the hash to both locals and foreigners she truly has the hash spirit and for this The Iron Lady thanks you. Fit Fast and Female t-shirt given to Daphne Carvalho.

Happy Birthday: Happy Birthday to Kristin Morand

Safe journey and best wishes to Darin Marshall and his family as he leaves our island in the sun.

Upcoming Events: Hash Fun day and cookout (bring your pot and your pepper)  – Sunday 18th November, 2012

Tobago Weekend – Thursday 25th to Sunday 28th October, 2012 (TT1500.00)

Line Break - On-On Feet

Directions to the next run #818

Date: Sep 29, 2012
Time: 3:30pm
Hares: Jordan/ Enrique
Run Site: Bellerand Road, Chaguaramas

Head on Tucker Valley Road towards Macqueripe beach, turn left at the sign for the Chaguaramas Golf Course (Bellerand Road). About halfway to the golf course carpark, there is a play park on the left

Receding Hareline





816 September 1, 2012 David Morand Flanagin Town
817 September 15, 2012 Hadyn  Als Sangre Grande
818 September 29, 2012 Jordan/Enrique Chaguaramas
819 October 13, 2012 Two Butts Santa Cruz


October 26, 2012

October 27, 2012

Big Dicks

The Casuals Posse



Alternate Run: Trinidad

822 November 10, 2012 Central Posse
823 November 24, 2012 Nico Kersting New Territory
824 December 8, 2012 Hash Master’s Run Christmas Party
825 December 22, 2012 Incoming Hash Master

50th Anniversary of Independence Hash

1 Aug

Date: 01 Sep, 2012
Time: 3:30p.m.
Hares : David Morand, Christiana and Toni
Hash Site : Flanagin Town…..AGAIN!


Take Uriah Butler Highway heading south to the Chaguanas exit ); go left as you exit, through Londonville (pass turnoff for Rabine Saab, continue through Caparo to Flanagin Town junction (14.5 km); at the junction (Bar Lee Tong’s will be on the left); the Health Center will be facing you, on the opposite side of the street. Make a left at the junction, direction Mamoral Road, continue straight. You will see HHH signs. You will come to an opening on your right, turn in and park. You have arrived at the run site.

Please be advised: we recommend car pooling for environmental and safety reasons.

Flanagin Town Health Centre Location