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Photo Gallery – Mission Bay 2013

27 May

Run Directions – Run #836

25 May

Date: Sat 25th May 2013
Time: 3:30pm
Site: Mission Bay, Toco
Hares: Marlon & Devon

Leave Port -Of-Spain driving east on the Churchill Roosevelt highway till you get to Valencia junction. The road then splits into 2, right take you to Sangre Grande and left takes you through Valencia. TAKE THE LEFT !! drive for about 25 min till you get to the Toco main road and make another left turn. From there drive for about 36KM passing Matura, Balandra, Cumana. On approaching Toco village you will come to a triangle in the road stay left again. From there drive for another 2KM passing the huge Toco police station on the left and on to Mission Village where the run site is. You cannot miss it big open beach front next to the road.

Lunches will be on sale Crab, Crayfish, fish with dumpling .
Cost $40.00 per plate.

Please be advise that the trip is about 2 hours and I STRESS leave a bit earlier to avoid the Valencia Saturday traffic. If you late will have to sit by the beach and wait till we get back!!