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Trash Run #864 – Alta Vista

24 May

trash run #864

Run Directions – Run #864 – AltaVista Resort

28 Apr

altavista resort

Directions to the next run: #864

Date: Sat 10 May 2014

Time: 3:30PM
Hares: North Coast Posse
Site: AltaVista Resort, 8 1/4 mile mark, Arima-Blanchisseuse Road, Arima

Head East on Churchill-Roosevelt Highway till you reach Santa Rosa Heights residential area. Continue to the roadside pillars just after, and turn left onto Demerara Road. Head North towards Eastern Main Road (EMR). At intersection of EMR and Demerara Rd., cross and continue north to the Arima-Blanchisseuse Rd., going past Asa Wright Nature. AltaVista is a short distance after, on the left. Look for HHH signs for directions on the route. Travel time from POS : approximately 1hr. 30 mins.

There is a $20 fee per hasher to enter and use the facility of Alta Vista. Please walk with your change to pay on entry.

Food on sale: Smoked meat, Smoked Fish, Provisions. $40, Vegetarian $30
Overnight accommodation available (discount can be arranged)

View website : http://altavistaresorts.com/index3.html

Trash Run #829

17 Feb

POSH3 Header

Commit-T 2013

Hash Master Pradeep Subrian psubrian[at]bluewaterstt.com 678-2372
Assistant Hash Master Colin Sorias colinsorias[at]facebook.com
Hash Cash Lorin Paton 622-5806
Hareline Salma Khan salmakhan_10[at]hotmail.com 753-8843
Hash Booze Ashe Holder
On-Sec Marita Guevara mcguevar[at]tstt.co.tt
Members Betty Agostini, Diana Henderson, Randall Lyon, Martin Griffith, Derek De Freitas, Marguerite Aanensen, Raymond Wyver, Dave Blunden, Joanne Esdale, Eric DeSilva

Line Break

Run: 829 Date: Feb 16 2013 Site: Brasso Seco Hares: North Coast Posse Scribe:

The curiosity of what the terrain would be like was building up as we drove through some lush and beautiful terrain to actually anchor at the site. The lush vegetation of christaphene and the well know Aisa Wright reserve park was well worth the journey. At one point their was a lovely view of the valley as some hashers stop to take some shots from the advantaged point.

Well…we reached the site and was pleasantly welcomed by the local very humble villagers of the Brasso Seco community. It was a remembrance of the good old village days, polite and respectful kids saying good evening as they pass along curiously looking at this mad bunch of people……diverged race, age and nationality.

A lot of new faces……amounting to fifteen virgins…..that looked very eager to know where are the running trails as they could only see very steep hills from the start site. Food….well you know that is the second command of the hashers bible, the first being the beer….orders were placed well in advanced for the local bread and chicken baked in the local mud oven proudly baked by the local baker who stood there from early morning preparing to satisfy the hunger of the hashers……hashers also supported the home made ice cream, wine, pastel, salt fish and provision…….all taste very good!

The HM made the call and the hares assembled under the HM order and the run began, the usual warm up start to find the correct ON ON….took about three wrong checks but all were on their way. The terrain provided for a cool run with trails conducive to running in the first instance bring the hashers to a river that we all knew was the correct trail being a trademark for most hares but this one was not to be, it was a back check that literally caught everyone in their tracks. It was back to the trails with some hills to walk and hashers started to show sigh of weakness and understandably so as it is literally days after all the grog and fun from Carnival……but as true hashers….we had to make it….pushing ourselves to the max. After forty five minutes into the run…..you start hearing the grumbling, stups……….hills again and an X at the bend of top of the hill. The last 15 minutes was most tiring and the beautiful site of the ON ON IN…….was pleasing but……..we knew that we had another ten minutes of running back to the site….luckily…most of it was down hill and it completed a really good workout burning off some of the Carnival calories. The run took one hour and a half and for the walkers around the same time but all was in within the hour and thirty minutes. A good run indeed.

The down down began with the hares….Robin, Hayden, Smitty, Spuds, Susan and Texas Blow Ho …getting the nod of approval for a good run and enjoying the down down. Next it was the virgins…..fifteen of them including some from Mexico and the UK. They all had fun saying “who made them come”……and they off to drinking…down…down….down …….but opps…one was very slow and sipping so as normal tradition she had to wear half of it and then she promised to drink the rest…..I think that her name is Eleen…she enjoyed it. New shoes was exciting to the new comers as they were pleasantly surprised how hashers conform to these hash rituals. And off course….the one that all look forward to…the Poofter…..Robin for not having a beer stop, Patricia for wearing a T- Shirt on the run ” could do it in 70 minutes in 11 different positions”, Ronald for having his young son pull him for most of the run, Brandon for begging him mummy to bathe him, Jessie for peeing in the Bamboo patch and sitting on top the hill letting all the old folks pass him………well you could guessed who got it….Patricia with the clever T-Shirt and Ronald……it was good fun to see them both getting the Poofter down down.

Pradeep’s Energy

Well…off course I enjoyed it…thanks to Robin and his very passionate group of hares….a job well done and to the virgins, the new shoes posse and most of all….the nominee for Poofter with special recognition to Patricia and Ronald for being a crowd pleaser……..important though…..the people behind the scenes making the magic happen……..Ash, Riza…Don…..Pat….Andre the beer man……Marita…..Eric…..Salma…….and all who supported by putting things in place and actually giving all their time so that the hashers could enjoy themselves. Recognition to the hares for working with the community in the spirit of giving back as the raffle and sale of food did good for the local community.

Welcome virgins: Shaleen, Tara, Bianca, Elaine, Roberto, Cullum, Ivan, Enrique, Antonio, Brittany, Akeem, D’Neal, Jadon, Brook

Line Break

Run Directions – Run #829

7 Feb

Date: Sat Feb 16 2013
Time: 3:30pm
Site: Brasso Seco
Hares: North Coat Posse

Head east on Churchill-Roosevelt Highway till you reach Santa Rosa Heights residential area (immediately before Wallerfield). Continue to the roadside pillars just after, that mark the beginning of Wallerfield, and turn left onto Demerara Road. Head north towards Eastern Main Road. At intersection of EMR and Demerara Rd., cross and continue North to the Arima-Blanchisseuse Rd., going past Asa Wright Nature Centre and on to the Brasso Seco turn-off on the right. Look for HHH signs. Approximate distance from Eastern Main Rd. intersection to Brasso Seco is 16 miles. Travel time from POS : approx. 1hr. 45 mins. Follow HHH signs.
Food on sale…oven-smoked chicken $30; oven-smoked bread $20; saltfish and provisions $30; pastelles, local wines, fish pastelles, nutmeg ice cream, kuchella, etc. available and on sale.
N.B. Bread available only on paid pre-orders! Do not fuss if you didn’t pay and didn’t get!

Extra: live performance by the local parang side in Brasso Seco!

Breaking News…just in! Raffle tomorrow in Brasso Seco…1st Prize: One gouti (frozen, not fresh) . 2nd prize: one whole smoked chicken. 3rd Prize: 3 bottles local wine. In aid of the village community centre.$20/sheet

Special: Brasso Seco Run jerseys on sale…$40

Trash Run 799

13 Feb

Trash Run 799 – Brasso Seco

Get it here. [ 3MB]