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Run Directions Run#775

20 Mar

Run Directions – Run#775 April 02, 2011


RUN #775
DATE April 02, 2011
HARES BeerlyAudBle
MAP Run Site Map Run 775

From Uriah Butler/Churchill Roosevelt Hghway intersection (at Grand Bazaar)

  1. Proceed East (25km) along the extent of the Churchill Roosevelt Hghway, past Arima & exit North (left) at Antigua Road, Wallerfield (last exit to Eastern Main Road)
  2. Proceed North along Antigua Road to Eastern Mn Road. Turn East (right) onto Eastern Mn Road.
    Proceed East along Eastern Mn Road (km) to Valencia Junction.
  3. At Valencia Junction take left path and proceed along Valencia Mn Road. (X Other path will take you along Eastern Mn Road to Sangre Grande).
  4. Proceed (12km) along Valencia Mn Road until junction with Toco Mn Road. Turn North-East (left) onto Toco Mn Road.
  5. Proceed (30km) along Toco Mn Road past Matura, Salybia, Balandra, and Rampanalgas until Cumana Outreach Health Center at corner of Anglais Road & Toco Mn Road.
  6. Proceed (1km) past Cumana town centre (NP Gas Station, Frank Chinee shop) along Toco Mn Road, to Cumana Depot Road on right (beach side).
  7. Turn right onto Cumana Depot Road (Church at corner). Follow road to beach. Parking area/ Run site on beachfront. Follow HHH Signs.

Journey Management
Approx drive time from Uriah Butler Intersection, Grand Bazaar: 2hr 15mins
There’s road works along the CRH at Arima & usual traffic on EMR heading into Valencia junction, so allocate sufficient time in your journey plan.

UPDATE: In order we start the run promptly…please note:
Roadworks on CRH at ~Demerara Rd, and the all too familiar annoying backup heading into Valencia Junction…We suggest leave Port of Spain by 12:30pm or earlier!.

Important: We won’t allow anyone to begin the run after the pack has left.

There are some areas along the Toco Mn Road where the road has collapsed/ being repaired. Please exercise caution! Car-pooling is recommended. Designate a driver.

Shuttle Transport
Those interested in a maxi-taxi shuttle from Port of Spain please express your interest on form below. Once there are sufficient numbers, cost & pick-up/ drop-off info will be relayed via usual shuttle posse.

Local food will be on sale at run site.

Feel free to remain and lime/ party with the BeerlyAudBle crew. Music by DJ Richie. Campers are welcome.

  Toco Main Rd to Cumana Depot Road
  Cumana Fishing Depot Parking area & Run site

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