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Trash Run #827

2 Feb

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Commit-T 2013

Hash Master Pradeep Subrian psubrian[at]bluewaterstt.com 678-2372
Assistant Hash Master Colin Sorias colinsorias[at]facebook.com
Hash Cash Lorin Paton 622-5806
Hareline Salma Khan salmakhan_10[at]hotmail.com 753-8843
Hash Booze Ashe Holder
On-Sec Marita Guevara mcguevar[at]tstt.co.tt
Members Betty Agostini, Diana Henderson, Randall Lyon, Martin Griffith, Derek De Freitas, Marguerite Aanensen, Raymond Wyver, Dave Blunden, Joanne Esdale, Eric DeSilva

Line Break

Run: 827 Date: Jan 19 2013 Site: North Manzanilla Hares: Ivan Charles Scribe: Cum First


"De bus ain’t goin’ no-whey’…yuh might as well drink"

What enlightened words from the lips of a former HM.

Passing fact that everybody was probably in this situation ’cause de bus reach late in de fus’ place..but we’ll forget these little things. So let’s see….a call to the bus at the proposed start time of the run placed said occupants somewhere between Sangre Grande and the run site. Fast forward to post run, conducting our semi-menstrua activities: …..

“ Oh dear! Some one missing…. not that I had noticed or anyone apart from Christine! Especially a certain sweeper hare.

Turns out we need a 4X4 so never to turn down adventure and activity…. off we set Gerry, Doon et. al..  Looking for lost hashers is always an adventure but this time after an easy start, we come to a river crossing of two concrete lamp posts a side for the wheels to pass on. Doon got out to ensure I kept the wheels on the "bridge".  Then the going got tough 20 – 30 minutes of serious 4 wheel road, mud up to the doors at times. Kudos to Toyota…. with smooth tires we never got stuck!

Funny thing …. we were expecting three lost souls, Randall, Pinny and Reina here there were four lost souls (  never get to heaven….). Uncle Ray hadn’t been missed as his turn to buy a round hadn’t come up yet.  On the return at one deep pit of mud, took a detour through the trees with Doon again walking ahead to guide the way. Back across the bridge with edges of the tires hanging over and back for Down downs to begin.

Life as it’s meant to be! ”

Rewind to the start…De hares just finishing lunch at the pre-proposed run site…I now arriving….hmmm…shoulda know we in fuh it today! “So this ain’t de run site?…Two people done find a park next to we arready. “Nah is dong de road”. But I thinking…”here nice arready!”…Whey we goin’ again’?” 2 km dong de road, and half de road in heaven, half in hell! Wuh jail!… De hares say “leave yuh cyar here!! Walk de ress.” The adventurous make it past…but ‘de ress’ find ah park. Ah know the maxi ain’t passin’ here!

Okay, so it was worth it to go the extra distance. The run site sought to replace ‘idyllic’ in the dictionary. Virgin territory de fella did say. A damn good attempt! A murky, Atlantic bay…sustaining no activity…at least not while we were there. A lovely view. But how we gettin’ de beers dong here now?

Two villagers – a few hares…kept a tight control of things on the run. Excellent terrain – extremely varied by turf – well managed – plenty mud & picka – rigorously undulating – south of 1 & ½ hrs…just what the hash needed!

Throw in a historic tour to boot!

I get the faint sound of a seance of sort. So please tell me again…”Why de bus ain’t leavin’ ?

Pradeep’s Energy

It was a classic to have 4 experienced hashers getting lost. Uncle Ray was much more quiet than he usually is….and you know what that mean, not a word after they found him as he was also very surprised that he got lost. The comical things was that they all followed Pene’s usual ON ON call that means go the opposite direction but Pene and Rainer seems to dominate as they were the majority, and our goodly old friend and very experienced hasher Randall, well well……he lead the rosary choir and within minutes saw the bright light heading their way. Randall immediately took his T-shirt off as a sign of surrender for the POFTER nominee and so it was well received during the down down as the vast majority of hasher voted him in favour. The hashers left a very positive image with the villagers of north Manzanilla delivering charity to the needy family. This was a well-coordinated effort by Mag and Ivan who took up the task to also deliver a very good run. Looking forward to the continued collective effort, support and comradery of all. ON ON!

Virgins: Jessie, Stephanie, Rosemarie, Gary, Derrick, Simon, Annalisa, Denise

New Shoes: Mya Nieves – drank it out her father’s shoes

Poofter Nominees: Hares, Pinny, Ashe, Randall

Poofter: Randall for being a seasoned hasher who should know better yet still he rolled Pinny on the trail and got lost.

Horniest , horning or got horn you choose: Reed

Overseas 2013: St Lucia – June 19 – 23. See website <poshhh.org> for package info

Line Break

Carnival Run & Hash Kaiso

Sat Feb 09 2013, 3:30pm
Servol Centre, 2nd Ave Cascade
Hared by: Betty & Joanne

Directions: From POS, get on to Circular Road, Queen’s Park Savannah, and exit at roundabout taking you to St. Anns/ Cascade. Head to St. Anns, but veer right onto Coblentz Avenue (Carlton Savannah Hotel). Continue to intersection and go right onto Cascade Main Road. Turn right onto 2nd Ave. Follow parking directions.
Live Run 3:30pm, Kaiso & Ole’ Mas Competition 7:00pm – Special Guest Artiste. Bake n’ Shark/ Corn Soup on sale.

Directions to the next run

Run: 829 Date: Feb 16 2013 Site: Brasso Seco Hares: North Coast Posse
Directions: Head east on Churchill-Roosevelt Highway till you reach Santa Rosa Heights residential area (immediately before Wallerfield). Continue to the roadside pillars just after, that mark the beginning of Wallerfield, and turn left onto Demerara Road. Head north towards Eastern Main Road. At intersection of EMR and Demerara Rd., cross and continue North to the Arima-Blanchisseuse Rd., going past Asa Wright Nature Centre and on to the Brasso Seco turn-off on the right. Look for HHH signs. Approximate distance from Eastern Main Rd. intersection to Brasso Seco is 16 miles. Travel time from POS : approx. 1hr. 45 mins. Follow HHH signs.

Food on sale…oven-smoked chicken $30; oven-smoked bread $20; saltfish and provisions $30; pastelles, local wines, kuchella, etc. available and on sale.
N.B. Bread available only on paid pre-orders! Do not fuss if you didn’t pay and didn’t get!

Hareline 2013

828 Feb 02 Ex- Hash Masters: 29th Anniversary Hash The Arboretum, Chaguaramas
Feb 09 Betty Agostini Carnival Hash Live Run & Calypso Competition: 2nd Ave., Cascade
829 Feb 16 North Coast Posse: Robin Basant/Hadyn/Doon/Spuds/Victor Brasso Seco
830 Mar 02 Randall Lyon Tabaquite
831 Mar 16 Hash Football Team (To Confirm) TBA
832 Mar 30 Nico Kersting Moora Dam (New Territory)


LOST! – North Manzanilla Edition

21 Jan

LOST! North Manzanilla Edition


Photo Gallery – North Manzanilla 2013

21 Jan

Run Directions – Run #827

7 Jan
Run: 827
Date: Jan 19 2013
Site: North Manzanilla
Hares: Mags, “Bad Boy” Gerry, Phil{Hunter}, Ross{Beneficiary} & Ivan
Directions: Departing POS, proceed up the Beetham Highway and onto the CRH to Wallerfield. Left turn up Antigua Rd to junction with EMR. Right turn on EMR to Valencia Village where you continue on the right lane at Y-junction in Valencia Village. Proceed to Sangre Grande and continue through to Upper Manzanilla{Don’t not reach the coast}. Immediately before the turn-off into North Manzanilla Rd there is the St Mary Magdalene Anglican Church on the left side of roadway. There is also a sign indicating “The Manzanilla Police Station” with an arrow pointing in the direction of North Manzanilla Rd. Drive into North Manzanilla Rd for approx 3km where you will notice a,”White Parlour” on the right side of roadway. This is our Run Site.
Do note that parking will be”tight” along the shoulder of country road so car-pooling is recommended.
Drive Time for POS: approx 2hrs.
Interesting Historical Facts:

North Manzanilla housed the first Jungle Warfare Training School in the world for the Allied Forces during WWII. This Camp became known as,”The Road to Hell” since on average at least 4 servicemen were said to have died during their rigourous training exercises. However, much success came from training right here on Trini soil as the first unit 5308th Composite Infantry Regiment which later became know as,”Merill Marauders” found great fame fighting in Burma.
We will be running through that old camp site,etc!
Know, understand, appreciate and love your country – T&T!