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Run Directions – Run #863 – Union Rd., Tabaquite

15 Apr

run #863 Union Road, Tabaquite

Directions to the next run: #863

Date: Sat 26 Apr 2014

Time: 3:30PM
Hared: Ozama bin Hashin’
Site: Union Road, Tabaquite

  1. Proceed South on Solomon Hochoy Highway and exit at PREYSAL ramp.
  2. Continue off ramp [0.0km] onto Gran Couva Mn Rd towards GRAN COUVA
  3. Continue along Gran Couva Mn Rd, past Gran Couva Police Station (On right), and La Vega Estate (On left).
  4. At junction of Gran Couva Mn Rd & Caparo Valley Brasso Rd [13.9km][bar on left], turn left (North-East) and travel 400yards. Turn left through gate into Lakeside Farm (Nature/ Sanctuary Reserve) compound. Park as directed. Follow HHH signs where posted.

Map: (https://www.google.tt/maps?q=10.424012,-61.323658&num=1&t=h&z=17)

! Important Info !

Run#863 will be an A to B run, which means the start and end points of this hash run are NOT THE SAME. A 50 seater party bus has been arranged for this run. We would like to get as many people as possible using the bus. Return bus-fare to Port of Spain is $75. per person at max capacity. If you MUST drive, there will be a shuttle back to point A to collect your cars. A nominal fee of $20.will be charged for this. The shuttle would be for drivers only. Walkers will be given a shortcut back to the cars so that they can drive to point B. Contact person for bus from POS – Ozama: 678-9172. Runners please remember to run with money to purchase beer at B point. Anyone arriving after this run has set off, PLEASE do not attempt to do it. No one is going to come looking for you until the following day.

run #863 Union Road, Tabaquite