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Trash Run #781 #782

19 Jul

Hash Trash Run 781-782 (Barbados), Alternate Run (Trinidad)


HASH MASTER Arthur Seebalack 461-5665 arturo999@live.com
HASH ASS Mumtaz Amarali 625-3617 x29436 mumtaz98@hotmail.com
ON-SEC/ HARELINE Salma Khan 753-8843 salmakhan_10@hotmail.com
HASH C$SH Lorin Paton 622-5806 (O)
HASH BOOZE Nevie Boos 637-3033 (H)
HASH SOFTIES Richard Marlay 351-3694
COMMITTEE Betty Agostini, Karen Hale-Jackson, Ronald Mc Donald, Diane Henderson, Asha Saith
Website Address: http://poshhh.org
781 June 24, 2011 Brian Dookie/Zameer/Martin Griffith Hole Town Muhammed Al Fuc U

Line Break - On-On Feet

Barbados Overseas Hash

Day 1

I arrived at Piarco just after the advertised 3:00 a.m. check in only to find empty counters with no CAL staff. Corky and Debbie arrived at the same time, and Corky proceeded to the LIAT counter where he was begging to get onto the flight. This, after the lady in front of him checked in 40 bags and he was told that there was no room for him on the plane as a result. After extensive pleading, he was finally let on as the 41st piece of luggage and duly tagged “BGI” and put into the hold.

Sleepy-eyed hashers started arriving in numbers around 3:45 .m. and proceeded to the Food Court for coffee after checking in. I sat at the bar at Royal Castle hoping to encourage someone to join me in a beer, but there were no takers. We eventually boarded at about 5:30 a.m. after stocking up on vital supplies of Vodka etc.  from the Duty Free Shops, and we were off.

We were greeted at Grantly Adams Airport by members of the BH3 bearing coolers of cold beers……I mean Banks, which were duly consumed while pleasantries were exchanged. Buses were then boarded and we headed off to the Gap.

Check-ins done, and rooming arrangements sorted out, most of us headed to our rooms to deposit luggage before heading for breakfast, or in some cases, drinks…..all with the exception of the Blundens and Harold and Lindy who got their rooms some time later.

Meanwhile, hotel Staff was busy preparing the honeymoon suite for Eric (see picture attached).

Eric's honeymoon suite preparation

Eric's honeymoon suite preparation

We never did find out who the other occupant was, but Tim seemed to spend a lot of time in Eric’s room, so one can only wonder.

Breakfast taken care of, the masses settled down in the Almond Tree Bar and indulged in some beverages. Here we met the likes of Cappy, Randal, Mossy and Dookie who were already at it.

Early drinking at the Almond Tree Bar

Early drinking at the Almond Tree Bar

Most of us stayed until run time in the afternoon.

Thursday’s run, set by Roger Hart and Randal Lyon was a live one starting at the hotel and ending a short distance away at the Crystal Waters Bar (no relation to Blue Waters). We set off with a left turn up through the Gap to the main road. Here we meandered in and out of the neighborhood and even managed to go through some bush before losing the flour. Meanwhile, American tourist, Jessica, was off on her afternoon run and encountered the Hashers. She was invited to join us by Ivan ….she then became a permanent fixture for the weekend, doing all three runs.Somewhere along the line, Zam, Betty and Hanif, who arrived at the Hotel as the run was leaving, joined the run. The flour was eventually found, and the run continued with the ON IN along the beach.

A good run, just the way I like them on an overseas trip when drinking takes precedence over running …short. The Bajan HM, Haul Ass, was in first on the correct trail with Ivan literally on his heels.The festivities then began with the beer (and also Banks) in abundance. Down downs done and sandwiches eaten, some of us left to shower and change and explore the St. Lawrence nightlife.

Thursday night’s action for the occupants of Room 301- Colin, Creole and Gerry, (minus Zam) began with some beverages in the room before heading out to Café Sol, timing the 10 p.m.to midnight Happy Hour to perfection. From here, the party then moved a couple doors down  with the two chicks from Café Sol (Elizabeth and Andrea) in tow, where there was a band launch/promotion with some good old soca. We met the honeymoon couple, Eric and Tim here and continued liming, returning to the hotel around 3:30 a.m. Sometime after that, it is said that Colin had an argument with the closet door in his sleep and it came to blows. Colin lost the fight.

Line Break - On-On Feet

Day 2: Run #781

I awoke and went to check Eric and have a vodka or three before heading downstairs for breakfast. Here I met Ash and Mahashma and family partaking of the fare. I was told that due to some pre-Carnival Parade, the Gap will be closed off and as a result, Hash pick-up time would be earlier. After breakfast, as a result of the reduced drinking time, I headed back upstairs for a few drinks to prime up for the day. Most of the day was spent hanging around poolside or at the Almond Tree with some of the hash ladies heading into town to max out the credit cards.

At the appointed hour, the buses arrived and we piled in and headed for the site. Today’s run was going to be set in Holetown on the West Coast, and in Barbados, this would have been considered to be a long drive. We arrived at the site, set on a beach which looked so inviting that I decided to skip the run which was set by Martin, Zam and the semi-Bajan, Dookie. It was advertised as a live run and they only required a three minute head start.The Bajans present couldn’t believe that they could set a run with only a three minute start, but knowing the character (Dooks), I knew that he had something up his sleeve to make up for the lack thereof up his pants.

The Hares took off with the pack  close on their heels. Within six minutes or so, they were back inside, confirming my thoughts that they set a couple hundred yards live and then hid somewhere and came back in.

Not having done the actual run, I cannot give details of what transpired, but in the meantime, the rest of us at the beach, Hares included, headed into the water with our beverages to wait for the pack to return.

Soon enough, they were spotted coming up the beach with one lone Bajan….the local big runner Roger Hart languishing in fifth place, tongue hanging out of his mouth behind the likes of Harperman, Colin Creole Ivan, Betty, etc. The rest  of  the front pack boasting some strange names (literally) like The Frigging Ass, NumbNuts, Kawasaki 1300 etc. So, the score (for those keeping score) was Barbados-1, Trinidad-1.

The Bajans seem to like to “win” the Hash, and so too, some of the newer members of the POSH3 such as Creole and Harperman. In fact the boasting about first place got so intense, that Creole proudly boasted that besides being one of the FFF on the hash, he was also the reigning T&T champ in Jam Totie For Butternut, a title he has held unbroken for some 17 years or so, dating back to his days with Dr. Hyde, Pual Richards & The Professionals and Franco. No one was willing to challenge him. Word is that this will be an Olympic sport in 2012, with Dr. Hyde as president of the TTJTA, Anil Roberts as coach and Creole, the headline athlete representing T&T.

Guys…..you don’t “win” the hash, it’s not a race!

Soon, everyone was frolicking in the water, hoping that the last one in will bring a round of beers with them when they enter. Eventually, the rain which had been threatening came, with people scrambling to get their bags to the safety of vehicles.

The down downs got underway, with Mahashma at the controls. Down downs for the hares, virgin Jessica and Harper and Shawna on their knees. I’m not too clear on the reason for this one.

Drinks flowed and hot corn soup was served, which went well with the cold falling rain.

After the corn soup, came the main course of rice and stewed wild meat…..you had to hunt for your meat, and depending on where you stood to eat, you got a big serving of gravy courtesy of the rain. A bunch of Hashers took over one of the local residents’ porch, making it their dining room.

Food finished, drinks consumed, we boarded the buses and headed back to the hotel. As usual, the picong started, and it seemed that our bus was the headliner bus, with Corkie, Ivan and Gerry in full bloom. Seems as though most of the picong was directed at Harperman though, with Shawna having to come to his rescue by pleading with the hecklers to stop after a particularly heavy blow on Harperman from Corkie. For most of us, that was the last we saw of them as they retired to their room for the rest of the night, never to be seen again and heading out while everyone was still asleep and boarding a plane back to Trinidad. Shame on you Corkie!!

Later back at the hotel, folks headed out for dinner and poolside for drinks while the party people headed out to Mc Brides, Café Sol and Ship Inn. A bunch of us decided to head to Oistins to partake in the Friday night fish fry. After dinner, the Oistins posse hung around for a while taking the scene, not unlike Sunday School in Tobago, before heading off to the line dancing and ball room dancing segments. Me, I was bored, so I headed back to the Gap where I stopped off at Café Sol for a couple. Things were quiet, so I stopped briefly at Mc Brides, but since everyone was still in Oistins, I headed back to my room to kill some time with a few drinks before going back out. That was not to be as I fell asleep.

Line Break - On-On Feet

782 June 25, 2011 Brian Dookie/ BH3 Mt Hillaby Tall Dark & Havesome

Day 3: Run #782

This was the day after Day two and the day after the night at Oistins. Oistins Fish Festival is an experience. A maxi load of us had gone there the Friday night and partook of fish all styles and then took in the entertainment, planned and unplanned. The highlight of the unplanned was Tweety trying to learn the electric slide. At midnight we toasted the birthday of an original member of the DICKS. Now let me take this opportunity to correct a misconception. The Group that use the alias Big Dicks is really a cover version of the original Dicks. The original Dicks were so named, by me as it was the first initial of a group that used to set runs. Sadly the ‘K’ Kenneth ‘KC’ Collins passed away and Ian no longer hashes, so we are left with the D and the C. Work it out.

Saturday morning saw Hashers heading into Bridgetown and Broad St. to shop and drink beers. The shopping crew suprise surprise were females except for the odd male who had to take something ho,e for the wife/girlfriend and the drinking crew were males. Work it out.

Very soon it was two o’clock and time to leave for the run. The transport was not enough and the birthday boy had to sit on the floor of one of the maxis, while the over the hill cyclist opted not to go. This over the hill cyclist has only displayed some talent at football while at cycling and other sports there is not much evidence of talent. I digress.

The ride on our maxi was punctuated by much picong and shit talk until we got to the run site which surprise surprise was on a hill. Yes Barbados does have some inclines, the highest of them being Mt. Hillaby I think. Now I was not suprised at this as this brought back memories of 1997 which was the last time we had an overseas in Barbados. The Bajans who frequented Trinidad in the 1995 to 1997 period always complained whenever we had a Hash that took them either our Northern of Central Range so in 1997 they also took us up to Mt Hillaby but from the other side.

We arrived at approximately 2:50 pm or 1450 hrs only to be told that the run starts at 4:00 pm or 1600hrs. One hour of waiting around meant one hour of shit or as the Bajans say shite talk. Four hashers were not particularly interested in the shite talk so they promptly decided to clean some shite.

The house used at the run site had dogs. One dog had a long chain and the others were in Kennels. The kennels were a bit on the small side and on closer examination it was found that one of the kennels housed 2 dogs. This kennel seemed cramped with the two dogs and further investigation revealed that the dogs shite had not been cleaned for some time. So to the rescue came four professional shite cleaners. Jacqueline got the hose and sprayed and sprayed but the shite would not move. Then Vin got a broom but shite still did not move. Then came Smithy with a cutlass and he cut the shite out. This process had an ample audience when Daphne intervened with a disinfectant. They also gave the dogs a bath.

Eventually the run started and after a short grassy bit we hit the road up an incline down an incline and up another incline. The Trinis tried their best to get accustomed to the 3 dot on system and managed to be in the lead or near the front. The best of the Bajan runners were there and thereabouts but they were not in the lead very often.

The run the left the road and went up the backside of Mt. Hillaby. Some where on Mt. Hillaby we came upon Dookies bar system with I thing 8 dots. This meant that you had to go back 8 dots and find an off trail. So there were we running and counting. This only revealed what we knew all along. Dookie cannot count. We then descended the mount and came to the road and a beer stop or sorry make that a “Banks’ stop. Following this stop the trail went off road again. This time the pack was lead by Ivan who picked up the right trail. We soon returned to the road and the ON IN. Please note that the hash is not a race and there is no rivalry between the Trini and Bajan Hashers. However suffice to say that Trinis were first in and we cut the Bajans behind good and proper.

At the down downs the Bajan RI performed his rituals and found a number of TriniHashers guilty of misdemeanors. A male Exhashmaster said he had onlyf one misdemeanor. That is sex. The more he miss the meaner he gets. So if you see him acting mean you now know why. After the Bajan RI and Hm went through their rituals inclusive of a ‘Jack Warner’ award, it was time for the Mahashma. For a married man he “handled’ himself well. The saying goes, when in Rome do as the Romans so we changed it to when Barbados do as the Bajans so we produced an RI and a chinee one at that. No it was not Harold. And so it came to pass that that the chine RI outshone the Bajan RI and took less time to do so. Then came Ass Hm in a nurse’s outfit to promote safe sex and distribute condoms.

So the lime went and food was eaten and drinks imbibed until the transport was ready. We made our way back to the hotel and the a group all decked out went to a back in times at McBrides.

Line Break - On-On Feet

June 25, 2011 Chris Valdez/Ricky/Marlene La Sargesse Rd., Santa Cruzy Left Behind

Abandoned by our Leader a group of about 60 hashers gathered in Santa Cruz for what was dubbed “The Alternate Run”. Why abandoned you ask??? Well it would seem the Hash Master and Hash Cash in their infinite dental wisdom advised Andre, the Beer man that his services were NOT required for this run. In addition to which the On-Sec never posted the directions to this run. For those of us not in with the in-crowd the motley crew of Keith, Chris and Ricky thankfully stepped up!

So there we were milling about with no sign of any Hares. Lots of new faces. In the absecnce of any Blue Waters representative Dasani ruled the roost. The fair weather Blue Waters friends showed themselves; disparaging remarks like “I doh have a contract with dem” and “water is water yes” were heard. Eggy, Pradeep check me after for a full list of infringements.

Ricky finally arrived still no sign of Chris, and Richard Marlay took centre stage. Instructions were given including putting money in Teheli”s kitty for the beer. Given her new and improved physique I can assume she got a lot of takers. Ricky renamed the Hash the ”Bald Hash” since it was Hareless and we were off.

Now every run we have done in this area that steep hill on the right has never been a correct trail…yet the entire run started up only to be turned back yet again by an x. off to the right and everyone was on. Chris eventually materialized mumbling something about having been lost- strange coming from a man who lives 200m from the Hash site. Up a hill, down the Maracas trail, past the Orisha site, more ups and downs and finally past the two on-in”s. The Hares must have been particularly pleased to have caught David Morand with every single false trail. A run well done. Other noteworthy events were Doon who rode over the Maracas trail to the Hash and Vidya who ran wearing gloves…go figure.

I left before the down downs but I am sure the lime continued even without the in-crowd. Thanks again to everyone who made the run a success.

ON ON to Gran Couva.

Line Break - On-On Feet

Mahashma's Meditations

The Overseas Hash is always a big hurdle to cross for any Hash Master. It takes alot of planning and so the Barbados trip has come and gone without any major slip ups. It is a load off my mind. I have to thank my Hash Ass for filling in the details as usual and for carrying all the t-shirts to Barbados. I really do have the best Hash Ass ever. Also many thanks to Pradeep for sponsoring the water, monster and some liquor. It seems everyone had a good time. The comradely was great and also a special thank you for Brian Dookie who was instrumental in organizing the runs.

The next step on the calendar is Tobago . The dates are Thursday 27th October to Sunday 31st October. This is going to be the Tobago Monster Weekend.

Note. Everyone will book their own travel arrangements, and I will advise you to do so early.

I have not worked out the final price as yet, but it will be a little more than last year’s. The prices of drinks have gone up. The prices will be in the next trash.

As far as enlightenment is concerned it could not be found in Barbados, even though I listened to every word of wisdom from the Religious Advisor. The search continues.

Richard’s Rubbish

Another year, another Overseas Hash, and for those fortunate enough to be counted amongst the YOUNG ONES, another Alternate Run to the Overseas. We had a very large turnout of young people, apparently all the ‘Old Farts’ went to Barbados. The run was well set by Ricky, Chris and Marlene, and a great time was had by all. Thanks to Keith, Teheli, and Andre (Beerman) for helping to make the Hash a successful one.

Virgins: Marli Moise, Alexia McKel, Valentine Miland, Daniella Wade, George Sheppard, Liam Sheppard, Jordana Jagdeo.

Poofter Nominees: Mike Hale – Sitting on an ‘X’ while calling “On On” to the pack.

Vidya Bachan – For wearing gloves to for protection on the trail.

Jordana – For being a Virgin and not speaking up.

Marc Nunes – For taking the women and the ‘VIRGIN JORDANA’ away before the Down-Downs and attempting to drive his car through the crowd during the Down-Downs.

Winner: Marc Nunes

Hash Lingo

Virgins take note of the meaning of these signs!!!

  1. While on the trail CALL “ON ON” when you see bits of shredded paper/flour! It helps those behind/possibly lost hashers.
  2. “O” – check for the correct trail!
  3. “X” – you’re on the wrong trail! Go back to the check point and start again.
  4. “ON PASS” – to pass someone on the trail.
  5. “ON BACK” – on the wrong trail, you may have reached an “X“….turn back to the check point “O“.
  6. “On OFF” – you’re off the correct trail.
  7. When you are almost in you would see: “ON IN” pointing to the correct direction.
  8. For those who can’t keep up with the ‘3F’s’ (FIT, FAST AND FURIOUS) pack then just go with the ‘Backpackers’  (SMART) pack who just let them do all the work.>

Line Break - On-On Feet


Date: July 23, 2011

Time:  3:30 p.m

Hares: The Bush Whackers

RunSite: Morne Diablo


If you already know how to get to Penal, go to the 2nd paragraph. If not, read on…

Proceed south along the Uriah Butler Highway to the end of the Solomon Hochoy Highway. Veer left at the end of the highway to get to S.S. Erin Road.  Turn right at the 1st traffic light onto the M2 Ring Road. Go straight ahead to a T-intersection next to a housing development. Turn right and continue along the M2 Ring Road. At the 2nd traffic light, turn left onto the S.S. Erin Road into Debe. Follow the main road to an intersection and traffic light next to Penal Medical Associates.  Continue along S.S. Erin Rd which runs between Winter St and Ramjohn St into Penal.

Follow HHH signs. Turn left at KFC in Penal (opposite the Penal Police Station) onto Penal Rock Road. Follow road for approximately 6km. Turn right at the NP Gas Station (Morne Diablo Fishing Facility sign). Follow the road to the run site.

MAXI will be organized once there are enough bookings, if interested submit your names to ASHA SAITH (310-0085/637-1844). Price depends on the amount of persons booked so book early, cost will follow.



All Aboard!! – POSH3 Overseas Hash 2011

14 Jun

Barbados Overseas 2011

All Aboard!!
POSH3 Overseas Hash 2011 – Barbados


Thursday 23 June Arrive Barbados AM. POSH3 Invasion Hash Run 3:30pm from Rostrevor Hotel & Lime after at (Crystal Waters Bar)
Friday 24 June POSH3 Invasion Hash Run Friday @Weston Beach, St James & Beach Lime 3:30pm
Saturday 25 June Saturday Hash by Barbados HHH (3:30pm Turner’s Hall, St. Andrews) BBQ & Potluck Dinner
Sunday 25 June Free day. Depart Barbados.

Trini Invasion