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Run Directions Run #799

9 Jan

Date: January 21, 2012
Time: 3:30p.m.
Hares: North Coast Posse
Run Site: Brasso Seco

Head east on CRH till you reach Santa Rosa Heights residential area (immediately before Wallerfield). Continue to the roadside pillars just after that mark the beginning of Wallerfield, and turn left onto Demerara Road . Head north towards EMR. At intersection of EMR and Demerara Rd. , cross and continue North to the Arima-Blanchisseuse Rd. , going past Asa Wright Nature Centre and on to the Brasso Seco turn-off on the right. Look for HHH signs. Approximate distance from Eastern Main Rd. intersection to Brasso Seco is 16 miles. Travel time from POS : approximately 1hr. 45 mins.
Smoked Chicken, Ground Provisions, Saltfish, Stewed Chicken, Fresh-baked smoke oven bread. $30.00 plates.

Cutters $15.00(Geera pork/chicken gizzards/livers)