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Trash – Run#699

20 Apr
HASH MASTER Justin Henry 766-4694
HASH ASS Risa Mohammed 752-4447
ON-SEC Mumtaz Amarali 625-3617 x29436
HARELINE Michelle Girod 622-2204
HASH C$SH Lorin Paton 622-5806 (O)
HASH BOOZE Nevie Boos 637-3033 (H)
HASH SOFTIES Richard Marlay 351-3694
Betty Agostini Flash Boos ArleneValdez Ronald Mc Donald
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Hash Trash

747 August 23, 2008 Wahid/Richard Marley/Eric Arena Forest Treehopper


Hurricane Gustav may have subsequently made headlines but the hash had
Hurricane Gary. It was hard not to believe that the drama of run 699 was not
orchestrated by Gary looking down
on us for his memorial run.

The first challenge was even getting to the run site as trees brought
down by the windstorm had blocked the road. Never be afraid to admit you were
wrong. I always thought WASA stood for Waste and Spend Alot but in fact it is
We Ass Saved Again. Would the WASA teams have cleared the way if their
directors had not, fortuitously for the hash, been cut off? I would like to
think so but maybe it would have needed a sultry hasherette to dance the seven
veils…do we still have sultry…….??

Heigh Ho heigh Ho

It’s off to hash we go

With a chainsaw here

And a Backhoe there

Heigh ho Heigh ho

You might think, this being the hash, there might be temptation to descend into smut with the repetition of
the word ‘ho’ but ye of impure minds will be disappointed as your scribe will
strive to maintain the high-ground(more of that later on the run). So we finally reach the run site and
Justin,in paying tribute to Gary-after a well observed minutes silence- reveals
plans to have a memorial run each year in August. Fair enough we think but
black humour descends when the T-shirt is revealed with names of departed
hashers on the back with, to quote Justin, ”plenty of space for more names”. It
is the equivalent of the Grim Reaper doing the Pooftah award! A solution is
swiftly found to dispel the unease when we decide to remove the tension for
voting for the next name on the shirt! Suddenly Hanif’s voice is less strident…..
don’t worry Hanif, there are plenty of candidates from the hash email…

Ignoring the growing quorum for a viewpoint along the lines of “it’s been
tough enough getting here, the Carib truck’s in place, let’s have a token walk
up de road and then drink” the hares lead us into the bush. At this point your scribe pauses….how to do
justice to the mayhem? If you didn’t do the run you will immediately accuse me
of exaggeration and hyperbole (no it’s not an overactive Indian film actor); if
you did your therapist doesn’t think you are ready yet to talk about it. By the
way, is it just me that finds it strangely comforting that people who are
supposed to help you at times of stress have pissed in their occupation

Trail….what trail? Check…what check?… the familiar shambolic anarchy
that normally constitutes a POS hash run is replaced by uncomfortable adrenalin
driven survival instinct. Can there really have been a path here once amongst
this tangle of felled trunk and branch? Finally the old cliché about not being
able to see the forest for the trees makes new sense. New variations of old
ones spring to mind..trees a crowd… Each stricken tangle of jungle has to be
climbed over or scrambled round…no shelter from the storm in this arbour..OK that
is bad…and then just when you are getting the grim hang of that and making some
progress the land dips down….into up to waist deep swamp where hours before
there were paths, ant nests, snake holes, who knows? All you can do is to feel
your way through the brown soup , logs underfoot here, sulphurous mud there or
no effin idea what it is. When it got too difficult we struck out for the
higher ground , only to find the ants had had the same idea! Where were the

Now and then there was a crash nearby as a partly stricken tree fell. The
rumour about there being a second, more powerful storm, persisted and
inevitably the pack split. I was in the middle section which got lost…not, as
it turned as lost as those behind but definitely seeking the way, the light,
the truth. We didn’t have Father Michael with us so I looked around for new
pastoral guidance. Sadly, our group had pastits ( I think I might patent this
word , it has different connotations for man and women but still means former
glories) rather than pastors. De Friggin,Lorin, Joanne. Audrey, Henk, Hadyn,
Roddy….would these be companions for weeks lost in the jungle? Would we bond or
would we end up having to eat each other? It was getting darker but then, a
promising trail and finally a roadway and a hare. Of course we hadn’t been worried! Back at the run site, the backpack was missing. Moral questions again,
should we refrain from drinking until the flock was safe? Can’t believe I even
wrote that! This is the hash where the veneer of civilization is peeled away.
Nevertheless, a search party was dispatched-once we had a beer- and the cheers
rang out (see we do care) when the weary band-Michelle, Victor, a much younger
member of the Blunden family, et al-came in. Now some of the searchers were missing
including the Hash master. Drinking accelerated…out of concern for Justin of
course and finally all were safe….so party now start.

Maybe it was the knowledge that, once again, the adage that God loves
fools, drunks and hashers( actually one of these words is superfluous) had been
proven to be true. Maybe it was the concern driven Carib consumption…whatever,
but what a great lime. A rumshop, a street, a sound-off…what more yuh need!

Junk #699

Run 699 First ever Memorial Run for all hashers that have
passed away, and it was definitely a run with some challenges. For some reason
we agreed to do a run with Wahid as a hare. For some reason we left our houses
in a thunderstorm to go to the hash. For some reason when faced with the
traffic, we did not turn around, and instead looked for shortcuts. For some
reason we started the hash after 4:30 pm.
Most surprisingly of all, for some reason we are all alive today. Search
parties were sent in to find the pack. And then search parties were sent in to
look for earlier search parties. And pretty soon there were three search
parties all searching for each other while everyone else was enjoying beer and
the music which kept blasting, when it should have been kept off when the pack
came in. Thanks Richard De F and Alan G for your consideration. The music was
definitely blasting however in the streets of Arena as the hashers created a carnival
like atmosphere that I’m sure Arena will not see again for a very long while.

Announcements: Down
the Islands Lime tomorrow. Bring your food and drinks. Head to Island Home
Owners. $20.00 for water taxi, $20.00 per car for parking. ALL hashers and
their friends and family are invited See you there!

Welcome to the

Happy Anniversary: Hank & Dana’s 34th

New Shoes: Sagorika & Rocke

Farewell: Jodi

Poofter: Richard Marlay, for telling us that it’s a Runner’s Run; Hank’s Wife, for remaining married to Hank for 34 years; and the winner, Wahid, for volunteering to lead the front pack and getting so lost that the front pack had to take over and lead Wahid out. Wahid was also a member of the last search party to be found and rescued by the other search parties.

Run Directions: Run#748 May 01, 2010

20 Apr

Reewat Memorial Run

Date: May 01, 2010

Location: Ravine Sable

Time: 3:30pm

Hares: Lorin, Jamieson, Betty

On On!Travel south to Uriah Butler Highway to Chaguanas, exit left and travel on Chaguanas Main Road. Keep heading left o Longdenville, pass KFC continue driving…road bends right…continue and turn left at Ravine Sable. Look for HHH signs.