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Trash Run – #836

10 Jun


We are a Drinking Club with a running problem

Commit-T 2013

Hash Master Pradeep Subrian psubrian[at]bluewaterstt.com 678-2372
Assistant Hash Master Colin Sorias colinsorias[at]facebook.com
Hash Cash Lorin Paton 622-5806
Hareline Salma Khan salmakhan_10[at]hotmail.com 753-8843
Hash Booze Ashe Holder
On-Sec Marita Guevara mcguevar[at]tstt.co.tt
Members Betty Agostini, Diana Henderson, Randall Lyon, Martin Griffith, Derek De Freitas, Marguerite Aanensen, Raymond Wyver, Dave Blunden, Joanne Esdale, Eric DeSilva

Web Address: https://posh3.wordpress.com

DATE: May 25th, 2013
RUN: #836
SITE: Mission Bay, Toco
HARES: Marlon & Devon

“Boy, ah wonder how the Hash will be, it far and a lot of hashers out of the country, Ah lot of the core hashers gone to celebrate with a fellow hasher who is tying the knot in the USA that weekend” . Those were the comments around town leading up to the hash. We wish Mike and his wife all the best in their marriage and hope that they both continue to keep hashing as part of their commitment for life. Mike was true Trini and has been a very passionate hasher during his time in Trinidad.

Everyone who had planned to go to Toco was curious to see the turn out but this being a tradi-tional anniversary run in would have seen the traditional supporters especially those who made it a weekend in Toco. The Hares looked disappointed as I arrived there at 3.15pm with 2 others in my car. Only a few people around arriving before me but within the next 20 minutes, there were a trail of cars and when they all parked and came out, the turn out was looking better than we thought.

“Marlon, are we to expect the same shit run?” was a popular comment by the regular heckling hashers but the hares took it in good stride saying that it will be a surprised run. Some women looking to see where they could “take ah quick leak” and there was, next door, 3 aged guys drinking beers and holding the keys to the male & female washroom at $2.00 per pop but it was worth it. The Hash was called and the hares were introduced with the surprised addition of 2 beautiful teenaged girls…….”Devon paid those girls big bucks to make an appearance” was the shout from a hasher.

The Run

“ON ON….this way, it have to be down the beach”……most heading to the shoreline , some going right and some left but no paper. Back to the road, “let us follow the locals, they know the way” so the majority of the pack was head-ing right up the hill…….then a shout of “on on” from a few who were heading left so we turned back and headed left and right into the bush and they kept calling “ON ON” and then a defying silence…..no one calling and then you hear “checking” and something told me it was a set up so headed back onto the road and headed right further up as a female hasher said that some had gone straight and did not come back but the scamps were waiting for us to come up the hill then to say “checking …..no paper” All was confused until a hare said it was time to hit the trail and pointed right to where we were heading in the first place….and it was up and up and up.

We remembered the trail from last year and continued with the “On ON” calls until we met the others who were coming back saying “On Back” but quickly picked up on the right trail on the left that headed straight down to the river. “Tasha……whey all yuh?….al yuh wait for me”. These were the locals following the hashers but without the track shoes but rather with slippers that quickly burst and got left back.. “them people could really run, we cant even keep up with them”……”We don’t have the right shoes and I can’t run in slippers” shouted the fit young local male. It was down to the river and we made the left and we all were looking out for the trail on the left on the river bank as most hashers got lost at that spot last year.

And it was just over one hour into the run and we were heading back out onto the road when a talking back check shouted “back up dat way….al yuh cannot pass hear” a little 6 year old local shouted and it was the X behind the little shop. We followed the paper back up the hill and it was up and up again, be-hind the houses and around them until we came back on to the road that we were previously and this lead to confusion and we hit the road without the ON ON IN. Most were tired and frustrated at that time to go back and find the trail so we headed back in. Only a few made the last part where the ON ON In was and a beer stop but it could have better set and marked but we had a good sweat.

And then the Down Down

The Hasher thought that it was more or less the same run from last year and a very confusing end but they had a relatively good sweat.

Virgins: We are always happy to see new hashers : Mical, Carlos, Brian, Rui, Liz, Curtis, Choo

New Shoes: these were the people who looked forward to getting a FREE beer poured into their shoe and drinking it down…dowm— Asha, Bjorne, Don, Mical

POOFTER Nominees:
1. Jeremey, Dillion, Robert, Mathew, — Leaving the run to join some girls in the pool by the river mouth and they are average 14 years?
2. Dingo — Wearing a “hares” T-shirt but was not a hare. He left early.
3. Treva —For peeing on the trail
4. Sophia – Taking a bath with one 400ml bottle of water.

The Poofter

And it was the hares Marlon/Devon…..joint POOFTERS
For setting a “shitty run” and with very little paper on the trail. And they had two big bags of paper still in their possession


Jeannine, Ricky and Christian

Upcoming Hash Events

  • St. Lucia Hash — June 19th — 23rd
  • Down The Island Lime — August
  • Hash Annual Cricket—TBA
  • Pajama Run — TBA
  • Hashers who could cook — September
  • Tobago Hash — October
  • Hash Treasure Hunt — TBA


DATE: June 22nd, 2013
SITE: The Arboretum, Chaguaramas
HARES: Hayden Als

Directions: From Port of Spain, head west to Carenage/ Chaguaramas. Just after CDA Police post (Pier II), turn right (north) onto Tucker Valley Road towards Macqueripe beach. Pass road to Chaguaramas golf course (Bellerand Rd) on left, then take right turn just before parking lot further up on right. Continue on road and take right (at gate/ barrier) to designated parking. Follow HHH signs.

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June 19, 2013 Live Run in Rodney Bay St Lucia
838 June 21, 2013 Eric/ Marita/ Colin/ Diane St Lucia
839 June 22, 2013 Betty/ Lorin St Lucia
  June 22, 2013 Hayden Als The Arboretum, Chaguaramas
840 July 06, 2013 Marwan Lopinot
841 July 20, 2013 Lorin Paton Ravine Sable
842 August 03, 2013 Ivan Charles Blanchisseuse
843 August 17, 2013 Mahashma/ Papa Smurf Cumaca
844 August 31, 2013 Fearsome Foursome Pepper Village
845 September 14, 2013 The Butts  
846 September 28, 2013 David Morand Flanagin Town
847 October 12, 2013 Simon Westcott  
848 October 25, 2013 Private Parts & The Veterans Tobago
849 October 26, 2013 The Casuals Posse Tobago
850 November 9, 2013 Central Posse & Blunden Claxton Bay
851 November 23, 2013 Jordan Brazil
852 December 7, 2013 Outgoing Hash Master – Christmas Party  
853 December 21, 2013 Incoming Hash Master  

Contact Us

  • Check out or Facebook page and our Hash site: Port of Spain Hash House Harriers
  • Visit us on the web at: Port of Spain Hash House Harriers
  • Want to join the e-mail listing?
  • Send e-mail to:
  • Subrian.Pradeep@gmail.com

Run Directions – Run #836

25 May

Date: Sat 25th May 2013
Time: 3:30pm
Site: Mission Bay, Toco
Hares: Marlon & Devon

Leave Port -Of-Spain driving east on the Churchill Roosevelt highway till you get to Valencia junction. The road then splits into 2, right take you to Sangre Grande and left takes you through Valencia. TAKE THE LEFT !! drive for about 25 min till you get to the Toco main road and make another left turn. From there drive for about 36KM passing Matura, Balandra, Cumana. On approaching Toco village you will come to a triangle in the road stay left again. From there drive for another 2KM passing the huge Toco police station on the left and on to Mission Village where the run site is. You cannot miss it big open beach front next to the road.

Lunches will be on sale Crab, Crayfish, fish with dumpling .
Cost $40.00 per plate.

Please be advise that the trip is about 2 hours and I STRESS leave a bit earlier to avoid the Valencia Saturday traffic. If you late will have to sit by the beach and wait till we get back!!

Photo Gallery – Toco 2012

30 Jul

Trash Run – #808

13 Jun


HASH MASTER Mumtaz Amarali 625-3617 x29436 mumtaz98@hotmail.com
HASH ASSISTANT Pradeep Subrian 678-2372 psubrian@bluewaterstt.com
COMMUNICATIONS MINISTER Zameer Ali 678-9172 u4ria532@hotmail.com
FINANCE MINISTER Lorin Paton 622-5806 (O)
HARELINE Salma Khan 753-8843 salmakhan_10@hotmail.com
Arthur Seebalack
Tiza Matura
Martin Griffith
Ashe Holder
Janine Winston 680-2373
Colin Sorias
Betty Agostini
Diane Henderson
Website Address: http://poshhh.org
808 May 26, 2012 Colin, Ashe, & Iron Lady Salybia Beach, Toco Caramel

Line Break - On-On Feet

The Hash Run of The Hare 2012

Salybia Beach, Toco was the scene for Hash Run 808 which was, ‘The Hash Run of The Hare 2012 – Colin’.

For some reason or reasons, no one seems interested in setting a run with this guy. Maybe Gerry’s comment about Colin spending time in prison with his hunter partner has credence or what?

Anyways, after the Iron Lady made subtle remarks followed by her clarion call for peace reminiscent of the hippie movement in the 1960s, off we went into Virgin Territory with “Bush this thick”. After 10mins, we eventually found the trail 10meters inside, while it paralleled the main road. Cries of ON ON were distant and low pitched due to the steep descending which many a-times separated we the hounds and left us fragmented.  Inevitably, we arrived on the coast with its picturesque combination of rocky and sandy coastline along with stunning vistas of the Caribbean Sea. Although, due to the recent competitive nature of the Hash, I don’t think many recognized the scenery.

Back onto the main road where as with any good Hash, a well placed check allowed us all to regroup and after some empty checks we were back on paper which led us uphill to “Bush this thick.”  It was atop this hill that our Poofter came since he was caught holding on to a tree gasping for air. This act of indulgence was unacceptable since he has been doing adventure treks each weekend.

Admittedly, throughout the Run and even in “Bush this Thick,” we were never more than 500m from the roadway and so came the surprised, “ON IN” after 50mins of Hashing.

Many Hashers grabbed a beer and ran straight into the cool Caribbean waters where the liming began and later took us to a village bar late into a well spent evening.

Many thanks to Colin for making that tremendous effort in setting a Run way up in Toco and for hosting us. I believed we all had a wonderful time. ON ON!

Line Break - On-On Feet

From the Office of the Iron Lady

Toco….Toco…..This run was advertised on the Hash Site as the Avengers Run, so I say realllllllllllllllll super heroes coming out. So I decided to bring my white dove to portray the spirit of Peace but then I got a call from Colin at 3.00 pm on Friday evening saying that he needed hares for the run…I said ok and advised the man who does iron meh pants we going Toco earlier Saturday to set the run with Colin. We set the run, it was about an hour but it was good. Let there be Peace on this Hash and let it begin with all ah we……Let there be Peace on this Hash the Peace that was meant to be, with the Iron Lady as the Hash Master hashers all ah we, let us run with each other in perfect harmony.

Welcome to our virgins, it was nice to have you

Happy Birthday: Sharon (Central Posse), Janelle

Poofter: Mark Nuzum (Numbnuts) for saying he was tired on the trail and having Ivan hear that, Ivan’s reply was “boy you training with me on weekends when you go hikes, you shouldn’t be tired”.

Line Break - On-On Feet

Directions to the next run

Date: Jun 23, 2012
Time: 8:45a.m.
Hares: Wahid, Numbnuts and Marlon
Run Site: Chacachacare Island

Everyone has to be at Pier 1 no later than 08:45am to commence boarding @ 09:00am, so we can leave promptly @ 10:00am for Chacachacare. We commence boarding at Chac @ 04:00pm (16:00hrs). The after lime will be at Pier 1.


Run Directions – Run #808

16 May

Run Directions – Run#808 May 26, 2012

RUN #808
DATE May 26, 2012
HARES Cumana Crew
RUN SITE Salibia Beach, Toco
DIRECTIONS From Uriah Butler/Churchill Roosevelt Hghway intersection (at Grand Bazaar)

  1. Proceed East (25km) along the extent of the Churchill Roosevelt Hghway, past Arima & exit North (left) at Antigua Road, Wallerfield (last exit to Eastern Main Road)
  2. Proceed North along Antigua Road to Eastern Mn Road. Turn East (right) onto Eastern Mn Road.Proceed East along Eastern Mn Road (km) to Valencia Junction.
  3. At Valencia Junction take left path and proceed along Valencia Mn Road. (X Other path will take you along Eastern Mn Road to Sangre Grande).
  4. Proceed (12km) along Valencia Mn Road until junction with Toco Mn Road. Turn North-East (left) onto Toco Mn Road.
  5. Proceed (36.5km) along Toco Mn Road past Matura, Salybia, Balandra, Rampanalgas and Cumana until intersection of Toco Mn Road , Paria Mn Road & Galera Road (Road to Lighthouse)
  6. Turn right (East) onto Galera Road (Road to Lighthouse) and go 2km to Salibia Beach.
  7. Park in beach parking area. Run site is extreme eastern end of beach.

Journey Management

Approx drive time from Uriah Butler Intersection, Grand Bazaar: 2hr 20mins

Usual traffic on EMR heading into Valencia junction, so allocate sufficient time in your journey plan. Road works along Toco Mn Road in Matura (WASA).

There are some areas along the Toco Mn Road where the road/ bridge has collapsed/ being repaired. Please exercise caution! Car-pooling is recommended. Designate a driver.


Local food will be on sale at run site.

 Toco Mn Road/ Paria Mn Road junction