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Christmas Party Directions – Dec. 10th 2011

8 Dec

Christmas Party Directions – Dec. 10th 2011

DATE Saturday 10th December, 2011
LOCATION 181 Windsor Road, Goodwood Park (Seebalack Residence)
DIRECTIONS Drive west on Western Main Road past West Mall (on left), and the traffic light at Guardian Drive (Superpharm Pharmacy). Continue until you meet the next and last traffic light at Western Circular. Turn right at this light (onto Western Circular) and drive for about 1min until you see some town houses on your left. Turn next left onto Morne Coco Road(West) and park along Morne Coco Road at HHH signs. If you reach Marlins swimming pool, Goodwood Gardens or St. Anthony’s R.C. Church you would have passed the left onto Morne Coco Road (West)

Trash Run 768

11 Jan

Hash Trash Run 768

HASH MASTER Arthur Seebalack 461-5665 arturo999@live.com
HASH ASS Mumtaz Amarali 625-3617 x29436 mumtaz98@hotmail.com
HARELINE Salma Khan 753-8843
HASH C$SH Lorin Paton 622-5806 (O)
HASH BOOZE Nevie Boos 637-3033 (H)
HASH SOFTIES Richard Marlay 351-3694
COMMITTEE Betty Agostini, Karen Hale, Ronald Mc Donald
Website Address: http://poshhh.org

768 December 25, 2010 Amanda, Risa and Portia Goodwood Park Tall, Dark & Havesome

Line Break - On-On Feet

Christmas Hash Trash

Christmas Hash Trash

It was the day before Boxing Day and lots of hashers stayed at home
But 17 brave lion hearted hashers got permission to leave their homes
And so it was at Mahashma’s place all 17 gathered for a run
For the virgin hares had said before that they will not be outdone
So the preamble was shared with us after we were called to order
Then much to our dismay one of the hares said “we did not have much flour”
At this disclosure some of the pack indeed displayed a fright
So it was soon On On up the stairs and getting to the road we took a right.
We continued along the road and down the hill without breaking a sweat
When somebody shouted out “Allyuh see flour yet?”
It was at this time, in unison, feverishly all 17 started looking
And not too long after came the clarion call “Checking”
So left and right we scampered off looking for a trail
Those who chose to go right found an X and had to turn tail
So we ambled along the road to a check at Morne Coco Rd
At this check, left was right so we continued along the road
It was along this very road from an apartment a hasher would hail
My memory seems to fail me now but I think it was Jo Esdale
It was then right into Victoria Gardens where we ran the entire block
Here we got another greeting this time from Ms. Tang Yuk
On exiting the gardens Four Roads junction in the distance said to come
50 yards in that direction an X stopped us in our tracks
We turned around and eventually found that it was an ON BACK
So we made our way through the back roads to La Puerta Avenue
Then it was right then left then right again crossing the community football venue
So we came to Diego Main Road by the big tree with the lights
So once again some scampered off, some left and some right
This time both groups were wrong as Xs did prevail
I bravely ventured center where I found the right trail
So it was that we crossed the highway and reached a hill quite soon
Then we were informed that the hill was especially for Doon
Up the hill and down the other side some walked and some did run
As we headed to the Falls in the late afternoon setting sun
Up the stairs and across the walkover to safely get to the other side
The group was now well spread out with one person even looking for a ride
So along the road we made our way to West Moorings from the Falls
This stretch really did take a toll as there weren’t many calls
Left into West Moorings through Starboard to the roundabout
Then left past Regent Towers but not a hasher made a shout
Make a right towards the Main Rd and in the distance you see the park
Go pass the Guard booth and make a right and be greeted by a dog’s bark
As you take a next right, increase the speed for this is the ON IN
So we wended our way along the road with the amber liquid beckoning
SO back at the site we lime and drink for this what it is all about
Running, sweating, checking and shouting are incidental, I have no doubt
Another hash is completed, Mahashma’s first under his belt
Alas I forgot to humbly ask him exactly how it felt
So we hung around and drank and ate as Gail provided hops and ham
And then appeared the groupies who don’t ever miss a good bram
The conversations were varied as we moved to and fro
Pretty soon it became evident that it was time to go
So it is best of luck to Mahashma as he begins his reign
One year from now I promise you, you will not be the same.

Line Break - On-On Feet

Mahashma's Meditations

Run No. 768 – 25th December, 2010                                                   

Run Site: Goodwood Park

For those true blue hashers who turned up for my first run as HM on Christmas Day I say congratulations for you are the true hardcore of the hash(and not the homeless no life that people say you are), and to the groupies who came along for the lime. We all had a great party with endless drinks and food.

We even had one virgin unfortunately she left before the down downs and I was unable to get her name and worst yet her phone number.
Portia would have gotten the poofter shirt for turning up late to set the run but the crowd cheered for Samantha and she got the poofter shirt for messing around with leftover flour and putting an x in the wrong place. However her fiancé stepped in with chivalry and wore the shirt instead. Thanks to Amanda, Risa and Portia for setting the run although I strongly suspect it was set from the back of a van.

At this time of writing I don’t even know where the next hash is. We seem to be off to a shaky start with the Big Dicks.

Overseas Hash Barbados

I am now taking deposits of $1000.00 dollars for the month of January. Deposits can be made to me, hash assistant Taz or hash cash Dr Paton. The cost is approximately $4000.00. I will get a final cost on the next trash.

 On On

Line Break - On-On Feet


Date: 22nd January, 2011

Time:  3:30 p.m

Hares: Haydn, Nico, Ashe and Taz

RunSite: Caura


From Port-of-Spain, drive East on Churchill-Roosevelt Highway to Orange Grove intersection (past Macoya and before Trincity Mall). Turn left (North) and follow the road ahead to Eastern Main Rd. Intersection (T-junction). Turn left (West) and proceed to Caura Road intersection (about ¼ mile or less) on the right (North). Turn onto Caura Road and proceed, passing Caura Medical facility and many scenic, forested areas. Look for HHH signs along the way. Within 5 minutes drive after the bar on the right, there is a T-junction and a bridge. Turn right here, and proceed to the run site on the left.



769 January 8, 2011 The Big Dicks Lopinot
770 January 22, 2011 Hadyn Als
771 February 5, 2011 Doon Spring Bridge, Blanchisseuse
772 February 19, 2011 Uncle Ray
773 March 5, 2011 Betty Agostini Carnival Hash Calypso Competition
774 March 19, 2011 Old Bats??
775 April 2, 2011 Beerly Audble Cumana
776 April 16, 2011 Mountain Goats  
777 April 30, 2011 Marlon Newallo
778 May 14, 2011 Lorin Paton/David Jamieson/Betty Agostini Reewat Memorial Run
779 May 28, 2011 Harper
780 June 11, 2011 The Three Wongs (David, Zachery, Zane)
781 June 25, 2011 Central Posse/ Overseas Run TBA/ Barbados
782 July 9, 2011 The Posh
783 July 23, 2011 The Harpers
784 August 6, 2011 Ivan Charles
785 August 20, 2011 Brian Dookie Anniversary Run
786 September 3 2011 The Big Dicks  
787 September 17 2011 Derek De Freitas  
788 October 1 2011 Allister Martin/Simon Wescott/Nathalie  
789 October 15 2011 Randall (Lall) Lyon  
790 October 29 2011 The Bimbos Tobago
791 November 12 2011 Mark Nuzum  
792 November 26 2011    
793 December 10 2011 Hash Masters Run Christmas Party
794 December 24 2011    

HARES – Pick your spot for 2011
Only 2 spots left!

Photo Gallery – Run 768 (Christmas Day)

26 Dec

Christmas Day Run 2010

Run Directions – Foreshore (Thursday) Run

28 Nov

Run Directions – Foreshore Freeway (Audrey Jeffers Highway) Thursday Run

RUN Foreshore Freeway (Audrey Jeffers Highway) Thursday Run
DATE Every Thursday
RUN SITE Carib’s Rugby Football Club, Port of Spain
SITE MAP Run Site Foreshore Run
DIRECTIONS From all locations – Get onto the Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain. Proceed in the direction of traffic (clockwise) towards Maraval. Exit at the Maraval Road, Prada St, Circular Road Roundabout. Enter the Roundabout and exit East for Emperor Valley Zoo/ Belmont traffic. Proceed short distance along Circular Road, and take left onto Emperor Valley Zoo Road, (immediately after Chancellor Road). Parking lot on left. Assembly point just outside Carib’s Rugby Club.
ROUTE MAP Run Site Foreshore Run
ANATOMY The run covers a distance of approx. 6.6 miles (10.5km). Runners typically cover the run in anywhere from 48 mins to 1 hour 15mins. The run kicks off at the Savannah walkpath at the Emperor Valley Zoo road, then proceeds with the traffic (clockwise) around the Savannah to St Clair Ave (Queen’s Royal College). The run proceeds along St Clair Ave, across the Roxy roundabout at Tragarete Road, along Damian St, across Warren St, along Belle Smythe St and right turn onto the Foreshore Freeway. The run exits the Foreshore at the Mucurapo Road/ Link Road traffic light and this concludes the first half of the run. The second half proceeds from the Link Road on to a right turn at the Western Main road towards George Cabral St. After the Foreshore push, the George Cabral incline provides the next stiff test – a challenging uphill which peaks just before the Bournes Road intersection at Patna St. Travelling along the length of Patna St one meets the rolling inclines/ declines, Long Circular Mall on left and then a left turn onto Long Circular Road. Another testing climb greets the runner now approaching the final third. The climb culminates at the US Ambassador Residence on right/ Ambassador Hotel on left. This peak provides a welcome momentum build for the final push along the Long Circular Road, through Boissiere, Maraval and onto the Savannah Circular Road back to the start point.