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Trash Run #850

23 Nov


Photo Gallery – Preysal Nov 2013

10 Nov

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Run Directions – Run #850

30 Oct

Saturday 9 Nov 2013
Run Time 3.30 PM

Hares Central Posse & Blondie

Depart POS. Follow Solomon Hochoy Highway south to Couva flyover/exit. Exit highway here and turn left, proceeding through Preysal village towards Gran Couva. Upon leaving the village, look for the last turning on right before cane fields begin. HHH sign here, turn right, you’ve reached run site. Roti available after hash. DJ, Indian Dancer, Tassa.

Trash Run 763

1 Nov

Hash Trash Run 763

HASH MASTER Michelle Girod 741-9125 mredon7@gmail.com
HASH ASS Arthur Seebalack 461-5665
ON-SEC Mumtaz Amarali 625-3617 x29436 51cleroffadmin1@republictt.com
HARELINE Salma Khan 753-8843
HASH C$SH Lorin Paton 622-5806 (O)
HASH BOOZE Nevie Boos 637-3033 (H)
HASH SOFTIES Richard Marlay 351-3694
COMMITTEE Betty Agostini, Flash Boos, Karen Hale, Ronald Mc Donald
Website Address: http://poshhh.org

763 October 16, 2010 Pradeep & the Big Dicks Preysal Youshouldknowbynow

Line Break - On-On Feet

Hash 763 PhotosI decided to make my return to the hash after several months holiday. Michele was so overjoyed at my return that she decided to bestow upon me, the honor of writing the next hash trash almost as soon as we made eye contact. I couldn’t thank her enough.

So despite being slightly intoxicated, I began paying some attention to detail. I noticed some Monster® girls.. Hash 763 PhotosQuite attractive actually, but their beauty was nullified when I noticed the Monster® hares.. The hares were none other than the Big Bellies …. Ooops… I meant Big Dicks (self proclaimed of course).. And there were more hares than hashers, but only 2 were actually sober enough to do the run with the pack.. However the hares did provide some beers to drink while waiting.

After consuming about 5 more beers, fuming at the ease at which I’d been assigned as the scribe, Betty decided to make her move figuring that I’d be drunk enough for her to have a chance by now. She was wrong. Then the pack took off. Or should I more accurately say ambled off. To be honest, I don’t know when a hash master is going to come along, totally abolish the runs and allow the pack to do what they came there to do, which is to drink!

Hash 763 PhotosBut a little birdie told me that there was a beer stop on this run.. So grabbing one for the road, I went with the pack.. We’d just about finished all the free beer at the run site anyway. After running through miles and miles of cane (that’s really all I can remember about the run) it turns out that little birdie was right. There was a beer stop. Unfortunately the Monster® Girls weren’t the ones serving. I was so thirsty however that I managed to overcome my revulsion at the grotesque creature, clad in a fitted Monster® long-sleeve t-shirt and approach it for a beer. I then took off, just wanting to be away from it, while drinking the beer.

 Some more miles of cane, and we were back in and drinking.. At this point I was besieged by elderly hashers, speaking hieroglyphics (their native language) begging to be transferred from their Over-45 football team to the Hash 763 PhotosUnder-45s, desperate to be on the winning side on Nov 5th, 2010. I refused them all, citing that their lack of talent would make my recruiting them virtually impossible. Also, they couldn’t satisfactorily provide me with enough evidence that they would still be alive and able to walk or run in 3 weeks time. 

 Festivities continued with DJ and Tassa, until the beer ran out.. Harperman procured a bottle of rum which he guarded with his life, until the hash moved to Sandeanna’s. Excellent hash/beer stop/down-downs/lime and now I think I need another vacation for a few months.


Line Break - On-On Feet

Michelle's Mess

Run No. 763– 16th October, 2010                                                   

Run Site:        The Randol-Lall Lyon-Singh Recreation Ground!  Preysal, Couva 

The Big Dicks

Well, yuh gotta hand it to The Big Dicks.  Claiming it was ‘the run of the year’,  they really went all out.   It was DJ music blasting – Justin was happy cause fas or slo music, he was ‘on’ Krista trying to impress her with his dancing skills (huh?).  Then, much to the delight of the desperate duo, Gerry & Wahid, there were Pepsi & Monster girls on hand serving cold Monster & Pepsi (of course), a tassa side that had Zam wining like he forget he had a bad knee , a good short run made better with the addition of a beer stop, and lastly free beer sponsored by the hares after the run.  What more could a hasher ask for!?   Thanks hares, good job, and thanks to Martin too, for also sponsoring one of the kegs.  

The evening would not have been complete without a stop at Sandeanna’s and the bar next door, where the lime continued and a good time was certainly had by all. On On

Virgins:       Welcome and hope you come again soon: Niesha, Christa, Anita, Michael, Stephanie, Sopati, Alesha, Mark, Nadia, Sasha, Ariane, Anesa, Adrien, Cedric, Roberto, Sarah, Ginger, Kerry, Ryan

Birthdays: Happy Birthday to Martin,  Christine and Zam, who was presented with a specially prepared birthday cake.

Poofter Award:   Went to Enrique who, the weekend before, had to transport a bride & groom to their wedding reception down de islands, forgot to put gas in his boat and stalled, in the middle of the ocean, with the bride & groom on board.    No one listened to his protests and he was duly awarded poofter.   Moral of this story?.. if it’s dumb enough, one can get poofter even if it didn’t happen on the run

Hash Run &Christmas Party: December 11th.  Keep this day clear, folks, cause it’s gonna be a blast! Details to follow in the next trash. ON ON

Line Break - On-On Feet


DATE:       November 13, 2010
HARES:     Big Pussies
RUN SITE: Turure, Sangre Grande
TIME:      3.30 p.m.

Drive to Valencia junction, take a right at the Y junction as if going to Sangre Grande. Drive the entire Valencia Stretch. Follow the road as it bends left (until Turure) and take a left at First and Last Bar. If you pass the Turure cemetery on the left you missed the turn off. This road leads you to National Quarries, where you take a right which will bring you to the run site. Look for the HHH signs.


765 November 13, 2010 Big Pussies Turure
766 November 27, 2010    
767 December 11, 2010 Christmas Run – Brian/ Nieves  
768 December 25, 2010 Amanda Seebalack & Her Possee 181 Windsor Road, Gooodwood Park


769 January 8, 2011 Randall Lall Lyon Singh
770 January 22, 2011 Hadyn Als
771 February 5, 2011 Doon
772 February 19, 2011 Uncle Ray
773 March 5, 2011 Betty Agostini Carnival Hash Calypso Competition
774 March 19, 2011 Old Bats??
775 April 2, 2011 Beerly Audble Cumana
776 April 16, 2011 Mountain Goats
777 April 30, 2011 Marlon Newallo
778 May 14, 2011 Lorin Paton/David Jamieson/Betty Agostini Reewat Memorial Run
779 May 28, 2011 Harper
780 June 11, 2011 The Three Wongs (David, Zachery, Zane)
781 June 25, 2011 Central Posse
782 July 9, 2011 The Posh
783 July 23, 2011
784 August 6, 2011 Ivan Charles
785 August 20, 2011
786 September 3 2011    
787 September 17 2011    
788 October 1 2011    
789 October 15 2011    
790 October 29 2011    
791 November 12 2011    
792 November 26 2011    
793 December 10 2011 Christmas Party  
794 December 24 2011    


Photo Gallery – Hash 763

24 Oct

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