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Run Directions – Run#904 – Sandy Hill Nature Park, Freeport

22 Sep

RUN:    #904
DATE: 26th September, 2015
TIME:   3:30 p.m.
SITE:     Sandy Hill Nature Park, Freeport 
HARES: Golden Bimbos

DIRECTIONS: Head south on Uriah Butler Highway and drive for about 20km. Take the Freeport exit; continue straight ahead over the intersection, the road then curves left. Continue on this winding road for about 3km, turning left at large sign “Latchmai Narayan Temple” which is at the corner of Freeport Todds Road.  Continue on this road for a short while and then turn left into Arena Cemetery Road – large Frankie’s Auto sign on the corner. Keep on this road until you see a huge mango tree on right at this point turn left and you will see on the right a sign, SHNP – Sandy Hill Nature Park. This is the run site. Look for HHH signs.


This is semi virgin terrain on private property. There will be a cost of $20.00 per carload. Carpooling is highly recommended. Food (buss up shut and curry chicken or fish for vegetarians) will be on sale. Cost $3500 per box.


Run Directions – Run#903 – Rincon

8 Sep

RUN:    #903
DATE:   12th September, 2015
TIME:   3:30 p.m.
SITE:     Rincon 
HARES: Peter Dixon et al

DIRECTIONS: Drive along North Coast Road heading East past Maracas Bay.  On the Las Cuevas stretch look for hash signs on the right, turn on the corner of Ricon Trace. Drive 150 metres and turn right to the hash site.

On On!


Hash Trash – #901 – Cameron Road

8 Sep

POSH3-trash-run-901-page0001 POSH3-trash-run-901-page0002