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History of the POSH3

Hashing arrived in Trinidad and Tobago on 4th February 1984. No doubt at some future date, this momentous occasion in the history of Trinidad and Tobago will be celebrated by a public holiday annually. But for now, we make do with an Anniversary Run, which is now now called the John Rudden Memorial Run, In memory of one of POSHHH’s founders who unfortunately has passed away.


The main culprits responsible for bringing the Hash to T&T were Peter Frearson and Robin Foster-Brown, two drunken expats who were looking for any excuse to drink more than they already were. It was Frearson’s stated intention that the POS Hash develop in its own way, and as a result POSHHH has its own uniqueness and peculiarities.


So 17 years on, about a dozen of that original group that crossed the Caura River on that first hash, still run on a regular basis. The POS Hash House Harriers are still going strong and getting stronger every run.


List of Former Hash Masters

2014 – Colin Sorias

2013 – Pradeep Subrian

2012 – Mumtaz Amarali

2011 – Arthur Seebalack

2010 – Michelle Redon-Girod

2009 – Risa Mohammed

2007 – Justin Henry

2007 – Zameer Ali

2006 – Brian Dookie

2005 – Randall Lyon

2004 – Gerry Soogrim

2003 – Audrey Shim

2002 – David Esdale

2001 – Christine Lyon

2000 – Asha Saith

1999 – Darin Marshall

1998 – Gary Darwent

1997 – Martin Griffith

1996 – Mike McGee

1995 – Elizabeth Agostini

1994 – Abel Coehlo

1993 – Roy Pervus

1992 – Joanne Darwent (Esdale)

1991 – Peter Rees-Watkins

1990 & prior – Don Collier, Dave Blunden, Peter Phrearson

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