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Run Directions – Run#767 December 11, 2010

30 Nov

Run Directions – Run#767 December 11, 2010

RUN #767
DATE December 11, 2010
HARES Michelle, Brian,. Alan, Nevie
RUN SITE 16 St. Andrew’s Terrace, Fairways, Maraval
MAP Run Site Map Run 767
  • Travel north along the Saddle Road from the Savannah (as if heading for Maracas)
  • At the RBTT/KFC junction near to The Country Club, turn right (still heading for Maracas)
  • Pass Hi Lo, SuperPharm, Adams Bakery, Linda’s bakery, all on the left
    Turn left into La Seiva Road (where Kappa Drugs used to be – now a paint shop) into Fairways
  • Cross bridge and go straight up Golf Course Road
  • Turn into 3rd road on the LEFT (St Andrews Terrace)
  • Cross narrow bridge and go up steep hill
  • 2nd house on the LEFT at top of hill is #16

Trash Run 765

29 Nov

Hash Trash Run 765

HASH MASTER Michelle Girod 741-9125
HASH ASS Arthur Seebalack 461-5665
ON-SEC Mumtaz Amarali 625-3617 x29436
HARELINE Salma Khan 753-8843
HASH C$SH Lorin Paton 622-5806 (O)
HASH BOOZE Nevie Boos 637-3033 (H)
HASH SOFTIES Richard Marlay 351-3694
COMMITTEE Betty Agostini, Karen Hale, Ronald Mc Donald
Website Address:

765 Nov 13, 2010 Big Pussies Turure, Sangre Grande used to be TPFO now just ABOF

Line Break - On-On Feet

Picked up by Audrey and On On to the Moss residence. Transfer to Demarise’s car ‘cos she’s the least alcoholic of the three of us. Make the mandatory stop at the Ponderosa (now the Spanish Hall) for a quick beer and on to the run. Arrive at the quarry to be greeted by the Hash Master – that will be right, she was probably just getting out of bed!

These days, as an irregular (not in the bowel sense) hasher suffering from the onset of dementia, every hash is like the first day at a new school. Who the hell are all these people and shouldn’t most of them be doing their homework?

Ms.Girod eventually deigned to join us and give us the official OnOn and off we set across the moonscape.

Describing the run itself is always a pain in the arse for the trasher – run, call “ON ON”, Stop, Call “Are you on?”, no f—— response, watch a nice boomsy in front, pick up speed to pass a not so nice boomsy, slow down for a possible boomsy to pass, call “ON ON”, call “are you on?”, still no f—– response- Are you getting the picture?

Overall it was a good run with a little bit of bush (the preferred option these days – I’m led to believe) but mostly it was heads up and pick your way through the mud, sludge, water etc.etc.- A run for the nimble of foot – yes Townend remember those days.

The best part of the run for me was when, after about 1 ½ hrs, the heavens opened up. Some enjoyed the shower, and others just allowed it to add to their misery. Me, I was delighted ‘cos I was about at the end of my tether, and the hares were forced to cut the run short, in case of a flooding stream, and escort us home for tea and crumpets. No Alan, we don’t want to know about the wonderful two hours you had to cut out.

And so to the Down Downs. At the risk of being a boring old fart, for those who didn’t hear it on the day, it never ceases to amaze me that despite successive Hash Masters over the years imploring hashers to CALL on the run- not a sound, but when it comes to a bit of Hash Hush when the HM is due a bit of respect you can’t hear yourself think.

For those who don’t know what to call, the following is the ridiculously simple Hash Vocabulary:-

Are you on? – I don’t know where I am can I safely follow you?

On On – Yes you can

Checking – I’m as lost as you are

On Back – I’ve F—– up again, Try somebody else


Are you on? – Is your family in Venezuela rich

On On – Si Senor

Checking – and your bank account?

On Back – Try my friend Juanita behind you.

By the time the HM had toasted the virgins, and started to dish out the various hash awards, I was on my 4th or 5th beer so the tried and tested Hash equation had come into effect.

[Age x No. of Beers drunk]   -   √ Amusing conversation + attractive Conversees  = Ability to G.A.F.
[Time to rehydrate (mins)] (measured in Newton’s Nubiles)

There’s a beer on the next hash for the first correct answer to reach me at

I do remember Alan donning his “made to measure” poofter T–shirt and some extremely brave young lady drinking from her shoe. By now her blood must be worth US$ 1000 per pint for research purposes!

Hope to see you all on the next run, but moreso hope to HEAR You!


Line Break - On-On Feet

Michelle's Mess

Run No. 765 – 13th November, 2010                                                   

Run Site: National Quarries, Sangre Grande

The Big Pussies

The Big Pussies of Justin, Alan, Curtis, Timothy and Reed were aptly named for sure – one fainted when he was setting the run, another came close to impaling himself on his own cutlass and almost lost a couple of his appendages in the bargain, and of course, the other 3 – usual drunks or should that be, usually drunk. Somehow they managed to pull off a credible run through the quarry and surrounding forests. The pack stayed together right up until the end when the heavens opened and shoes and soles began disappearing into the soft squishy sand. Once in tho’, hashers took advantage of the ‘wet’ bar and it was business as usual never mind the pouring rain. The action soon moved to a local bar where the lime continued in relatively drier conditions. And so the ole talk flowed until the last beer was drunk and, you guessed it, a good time was had by all.

Remember folks, pls keep calling while out on the trail., ie, "ON ON", "ON BACK", "CHECKING"..etc, it seriously helps the back pack/stragglers to locate the FRBs, not that they care of course. So be nice and keep calling.

 On On

Virgins: Welcome to Vanessa and hope you come again soon

New Shoes: Vanessa

Poofter Award:   ‘Beerman’ Andre for needlessly delaying the beer truck in Grande for some nonsensical purpose; a Big Pussy, Tim, for stupidly slicing his fingers at the start of setting the run, and Natasha, for running with a hen for company apparently in lieu of the male of the species. And The winner: Alan for the unforgiveable crime of misleading the HM by telling her it was a ‘cock’.  

Hash Christmas Party

Hash Xmas Party

Date: 11th December, 2010
Venue: Hales Residence, 16 St. Andrews Terrace, Fairways, Maraval
Time: 6:30PM
Tickets Cost:  TTD$130 All Inclusive!!

Tickets on Sale today – Check Michelle or Mumtaz

Santa Claus is commming to town…  Santa doesn’t have to check his list twice,
cause he knows who’s been naughty and who’s  been nice!

Who’s on Santa’s list this year? Be there on December 11th to find out.
Run starts at usual time 3:30 p.m. Party time 6:30 p.m…ish.
Don’t miss out… get your tickets today! …then just put on your dancing shoes and get ready to party!

Line Break - On-On Feet


DATE: December 11, 2010
HARES:      Michelle, Brian, Nevie & Alan
RUN SITE: 16 St. Andrew’s Terrace, Fairways, Maraval
TIME: 3.30 p.m.

  • Travel north along the Saddle Road from the Savannah (as if heading for Maracas)
  • At the RBTT/KFC junction near to The Country Club, turn right (still heading for Maracas)
  • Pass Hi Lo, SuperPharm, Adams Bakery, Linda’s bakery, all on the left
    Turn left into La Seiva Road (where Kappa Drugs used to be – now a paint shop) into Fairways
  • Cross bridge and go straight up Golf Course Road
  • Turn into 3rd road on the LEFT (St Andrews Terrace)
  • Cross narrow bridge and go up steep hill
  • 2nd house on the LEFT at top of hill is #16


767 December 11, 2010 Christmas Run – Brian, Nevie, Alan, Michelle Hales Residence, Maraval
768 December 25, 2010 Amanda Seebalack & Her Possee 181 Windsor Road, Gooodwood Park


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Run Directions – Foreshore (Thursday) Run

28 Nov

Run Directions – Foreshore Freeway (Audrey Jeffers Highway) Thursday Run

RUN Foreshore Freeway (Audrey Jeffers Highway) Thursday Run
DATE Every Thursday
RUN SITE Carib’s Rugby Football Club, Port of Spain
SITE MAP Run Site Foreshore Run
DIRECTIONS From all locations – Get onto the Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain. Proceed in the direction of traffic (clockwise) towards Maraval. Exit at the Maraval Road, Prada St, Circular Road Roundabout. Enter the Roundabout and exit East for Emperor Valley Zoo/ Belmont traffic. Proceed short distance along Circular Road, and take left onto Emperor Valley Zoo Road, (immediately after Chancellor Road). Parking lot on left. Assembly point just outside Carib’s Rugby Club.
ROUTE MAP Run Site Foreshore Run
ANATOMY The run covers a distance of approx. 6.6 miles (10.5km). Runners typically cover the run in anywhere from 48 mins to 1 hour 15mins. The run kicks off at the Savannah walkpath at the Emperor Valley Zoo road, then proceeds with the traffic (clockwise) around the Savannah to St Clair Ave (Queen’s Royal College). The run proceeds along St Clair Ave, across the Roxy roundabout at Tragarete Road, along Damian St, across Warren St, along Belle Smythe St and right turn onto the Foreshore Freeway. The run exits the Foreshore at the Mucurapo Road/ Link Road traffic light and this concludes the first half of the run. The second half proceeds from the Link Road on to a right turn at the Western Main road towards George Cabral St. After the Foreshore push, the George Cabral incline provides the next stiff test – a challenging uphill which peaks just before the Bournes Road intersection at Patna St. Travelling along the length of Patna St one meets the rolling inclines/ declines, Long Circular Mall on left and then a left turn onto Long Circular Road. Another testing climb greets the runner now approaching the final third. The climb culminates at the US Ambassador Residence on right/ Ambassador Hotel on left. This peak provides a welcome momentum build for the final push along the Long Circular Road, through Boissiere, Maraval and onto the Savannah Circular Road back to the start point.

POSH3 Write-ups…then and now

28 Nov

Hashing - Trinidad Guardian Feb 25 2007

Hashing - Trinidad Guardian Nov 26 2010

Hash Xmas Party 2010

28 Nov

POSH3 2010 Christmas Run & Party

Well folks, it’s right around the corner! And it’s gonna, be fun fun fun!
Come see Santa….just who is Santa anyway?! …

Big, fat, short, skinny,
could Santa be Pinny?
flying, swimming, hashing, diving
No telling how he’ll be arrivin..

Premium bar, great food, de best music ….Check your hash committee for tickets.