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Run Directions – Run #862 – La Fillette

30 Mar

Run Directions  – Run#862

Location: North Coast Road, La Fillette
Hares: The Flyin’ Indian
Date: April 12th, 2014
Time: 3:30PM

From POS take Saddle Road into Maraval and then proceed onto North Coast Road heading to Maracas Beach. Pass Maracas Beach, Tyrico Beach and Las Cuevas Beach Facilities. Continue along North Coast Road, until just before La Fillette Recreation Ground. [Landmark: Yellow Apartments]. Run site is on the North Coast Road. Look for Hash signs.
Map: http://bit.ly/1oUWkLl


Run Directions – Run#855 Las Cuevas

12 Jan

Date: Sat Jan 18 2014
Time: 3:30pm
Site: Las Cuevas Beach
Hares: Doon et al

Directions: From POS take Saddle Road into Maraval and then proceed onto North Coast Road heading to Maracas Beach. Pass Maracas Beach, Tyrico Beach and go to Beach Facilities Parking Lot at Las Cuevas.

Trash Run #833

8 May


A Drinking Club with a running problem

Commit-T 2013

Hash Master Pradeep Subrian psubrian[at]bluewaterstt.com 678-2372
Assistant Hash Master Colin Sorias colinsorias[at]facebook.com
Hash Cash Lorin Paton 622-5806
Hareline Salma Khan salmakhan_10[at]hotmail.com 753-8843
Hash Booze Ashe Holder
On-Sec Marita Guevara mcguevar[at]tstt.co.tt
Members Betty Agostini, Diana Henderson, Randall Lyon, Martin Griffith, Derek De Freitas, Marguerite Aanensen, Raymond Wyver, Dave Blunden, Joanne Esdale, Eric DeSilva

Web Address: https://posh3.wordpress.com

DATE: April 13th, 2013
RUN: #833
SITE: Maracas Bay
HARES:Doon, Lisa, Paul, Kern, Nita, Alisa, Mandy & Lorenzo
SCRIBE: Guess?

“Ah not missing that run”…she indicated with her group during the last run and could understand why. “I think that it will be a good lime and ah hear that Doon sponsoring the food, it go be good and in Maracas, we will take ah swim”. The direction was very simple and the run site reminded me of “Jazz on the greens” with couple tents up in the hollow allowing for the patrons to look down from the incline and the green lush grass allowed for quite a comfortable sitting area. The area was also cool and the trees and hills created a natural barrier to the valley where we anchored. The parking was tight “where the traffic police” shouted a hasher upon his arrival and out came a woman directing the traffic. “go and turn there” pointing to a spot further up that was well planned allowing for ease of turn to head back. “Ok……park here” the woman hasher traffic police said. Everyone seems to give a thumbs up for the location and its picturesque site. Hashers were very early, not far from POS, I assumed that was the reason and with no traffic, it was a cool and pleasant drive.

“Boy…Doon have a gold mine here…the man could do a lot with this…ah could see some kind of eco-tourism here with little cabanas among the lushness of the vegetation….ah will have a chat with Doon”. Some choose to take a walk in the garden with acres of crops of different kind and off course….ah had to go and put down my mark and water one of the trees. The run started with a lots of excitement with three groups of hashers going different ways. “ah tell all yuh is that way….ah know Doon yuh know…he go head for the hills. “Oh my gosh….we have to go there?” and the walkers stood looking at the pack scrambling to make the almost 90 degree hill. The younger ones took the early pase but not without the core and experience hashers right behind them. “My god…..this is not a run, this is hill climbing…..like we training for fusion” and 20 minutes into the run, the youngsters were quiet and started to fall back in line. It was up and up and up and up….through the winding track….. “ahh….thank god we reach to the top” and in one minute a right turn continuing up and up and up again. It was really challenging as it was also very humid but not having the direct sunlight helped to reach to the top and then it was down again. “Boy….all yuh tell me that it will not be hard…..this very hard…..ah have to train for this”. Another virgin who was seen warming up before the start could not be found with the front pack, I dropped to the second pack and he was not there and….I know he is fit and a gym freak but hashing does challenge you so he was nowhere to be found and the man who brought him struggling to ensure that he was ahead of him all the time…..what a friend, and we thought that was a good selection for POOFTER!. We eventually came down to the road and crossed onto the Tyrico beach running along the cost but was short as it brought us back to the road with a right turn that went up and up and up again. “boy not me and that hill nah” one of the “foursome fearsome” crew stated looking up at the hills in disgust. He choose to take the road as his experience tells him that the trail must come out further up and on the road again. This second hill although not as bad as the first did take all the energy out of me as some commented that I looked as though I was “catching meh tail”…….that was a fact, under the condition and I not do better. We eventually came out on the road and it was confusing and hashers were already coming from that direction, we had to go further up and make a left turn on to the beach and then back on the road. If you see short cuts, even the a few front runners took the opportunity to short cut and the ON ON IN was right on the bend heading back to the road. I estimated that it was a two miles run in on the road and we all struggled in with the home run. Everyone was tired and it took just about one hour and twenty minutes for the first pack and two hours for the other to get in.

Eventually, everyone look relaxed again with the background music by the DJ adding to that couple with the beers……things was looking good and with a good sweat……there were no excuse to have a few beer!. The DOWN DOWN started, with hashers hearing all that was said as the microphone was available from the DJ that made it very entertaining. The hares were call up to do the rituals of celebrating by having the down down and they all line up and did not waste time in drinking. The virgins were next and has become customary to every hash, about 10 virgins all lined to giving their names and who made them come….off course, the hashers commented and shouted when the virgin males had their turn…..it was always the female virgins that always get the nod of approval and not without the male hashers asking for phone numbers. The new shoes possee came up next and it was Brian, Joseph and Marlon doing it right and it was a crowd pleaser as usual. And then there was the poofter……….Reid for false advertising having his name on the street sign “Reid Lane”, Mandy for being late for the beer stop, Devon for loosing Brian a virgin who he brought on the trail, Jennifer for wearing her bunny rabbit outfit and Rishi who is a national mountain bike champion for going with the walkers. “Devon….. Devon…..Devon……. Devon” hashers shouted giving the signal that he was the poofter and so he wore the stink poofter shirt and drank the beer out of the potty.

It was Doon’s birthday and we had the traditional celebration of baking the cake live on site. Doon was call on to kneel and was blind folded by the head baker and then with 4 bakers each breaking two eggs each on Doon’s head….and then came the flour, a 5kg bag was thrown on Doon’s head. It was an amazing site and fun….and Doon celebrated well but not without the astonishment of all the virgins and new hashers who never experienced this celebration before. And then the lime, the food came…….and it was very good, most staying back to support Doon, with beers running….yes about 10 kegs and cake for desert and it party under the tents…dancing to some good music, hashers style.


Another GREAT HASH……with a fantastic location and ambience bringing the hashers together to have a good time. Thanks to Doon and his team for entertaining the hashers with a good run, music, food and a great location. It was also pleasing to see another bunch of young people coming to the hash and truly enjoying it, yes…..we had 15 virgins, thanks to the hasher who continue to encourage new ones especially Devon and Nigel who stood out although Nigel focussed on bring a lovely bunch of ladies and Devon bring a bunch of young men.

Virgins: Brian, Joseph, Samantha, Marie, Kerlene, Saffiya, Kate, Aisha, Keisha, Leston, Alex, Asha, Allister, A.J, Stefa

New Shoes: Brain, Joseph and Marlon

Poofter: Devon



DATE: May 11th, 2013
HARES: Antonio Lopez (Fireman), Christian Callender, Marita Guevara, Don Thompson and Consultant Eric De Silva
Time: 3.30pm

Head east on C.R highway to the Piarco traffic lights, continue on the highway, then check seven traffic lights and at the seventh light (Wallerfield Junction) turn left onto the Cumuto road which brings you to the eastern main road and at this junction cross the main road onto the Aripo road and follow signs to run site. Approximate time from POS to Aripo is 1 hr 45 minutes. Carpooling is recommended

Food on sales – $35.00
Spinach Rice
Ground provision oil – down with pig- tail / Vegetarian
Chicken – curry stew
Fish – fried with a coconut curry
Lentil salad

835 May 11, 2013 Antonio Lopez/Eric Aripo
836 May 25, 2013 Marlon Newallo Toco
837 June 8, 2013 Uncle Ray  Valencia

Run Directions – Run#833

10 Apr


DATE: Sat 13th April, 2013
RUN SITE: Doon’s Residence, Maracas Bay
Time: 3.30pm

Drive along the Maraval road on the way to Maracas Beach. On reaching the pillars in Maraval, turn left and head to Maracas beach…..continue driving until you reach the beach passing the public car park on the right and all the famous bake and shark food huts. Continue driving slowly and in couple seconds you will see a gas station on the right just before Uncle Sam’s Bar. Before the gas station, there is a road in the right, turn into that road and make the first left turn and drive straight….follow the HHH signs, the last house is Doon’s residence and the run site.

It’s Doon’s birthday run so he is catering the food. Prepare to stay for the after hash lime…drinks, music, food and good ole talk!

Trash – Runs 822, 823, 824

27 Dec

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