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Happy New Year!!

31 Dec

Happy New Year!! from Port of Spain Hash House Harriers

Photo Gallery – Run 768 (Christmas Day)

26 Dec

Christmas Day Run 2010

Christmas Day Run 2010

15 Dec

Christmas Day Run 2010

Trash Run 766

14 Dec

Hash Trash Run 766

HASH MASTER Michelle Girod 741-9125
HASH ASS Arthur Seebalack 461-5665
ON-SEC Mumtaz Amarali 625-3617 x29436
HARELINE Salma Khan 753-8843
HASH C$SH Lorin Paton 622-5806 (O)
HASH BOOZE Nevie Boos 637-3033 (H)
HASH SOFTIES Richard Marlay 351-3694
COMMITTEE Betty Agostini, Karen Hale, Ronald Mc Donald
Website Address:

766 November 27, 2010 B3H3 Blue Basin, Diego Martin OSHA (Obsessed with Safe Hashing Activity)

Line Break - On-On Feet

Well I arrived at the Blue Basin run site in good time, i.e. only 5 minutes late, and not after the run had started. Not having hashed in quite a while, I wasn’t too sure what to expect. Had anything about the hash changed? Well, the Hash was called to order by the Hash Mistress (HM), and the hares gave some dotish speech about no hills and no mud (yeah right!) and what the virgins should and should not do, and we were off. And as soon as we take off, the HM, who was walking just in front me say “Oh sh*t! Ah have to get a scribe!” And she turn around and the first person she rest her eyes on was me. So guess what, I end up being de scribe! So on to describe de run…..

Anyways, the pack soon ran into a check. We going left or we going right? Well neither, as it turned out. We had to go down. So on down a steep hill, the first of many. I mean you must know that what goes down must come up! So you know is hill to come!

After that came a nice river bed, and I quite enjoyed splashing through the water every now and then. Then came the hard part! Uphill and more uphill. And talk about mud??? I ketch mih nennen trying to get up that hill. Remember I eh do this for a while. I slip and fall in the mud so many times, I lose count. And a very nice young man had to give my bottom a push a couple of times to get me up some particularly slippery slopes! Turns out he was a virgin, but if you ask me, he is a natural born hasher!

Did I mention the hill and the mud? Actually, I have to stick in a complaint here. I don’t know when hares will learn that it’s not a good idea to set a run with plenty hills when it’s been raining for WEEKS, possibly months! I mean, allyuh eh realize yet that it does get real slippery and dangerous when 50 to 100 people climb up or down the same hill? And then there was the garbage dump – broken glass and sharp rusted steel. But apart from the mud and plenty people slipping and sliding, it was an uneventful hash, although I’m sure there were some injuries.

I eh hear anybody cuss, I eh see anybody litter, I eh see anybody going in the bush to have sex or do anything else. All I see is a man peeing by the side of the trail. No, not the one who was nominated for poofter. Some other guy I never see before. I didn’t report him because I didn’t know his name. But he know who he is. And I really see Gerry coming back down the hill when he was supposed to be going up. Complaining that his calf was hurting him. And as the very observant HM noted, holding another part of his anatomy.

After we get up that long, steep hill, most people then proceeded down the wrong trail. We finally came to an ‘X’ WAY down the trail and had to turn back. Only on the way back did some of us notice a check, which was also some distance down the trail. Is that allowed, I asked myself? I think the hares succeeded in annoying lots of folks with this one!

Well I come in long after the front runners – because as ah say, I not as fit as I used to be. Not that I ever came in first, mind you! Found the usual liming, chatting and beer drinking going on. Then the HM hold up some keys and say somebody didn’t claim their keys. So I figure somebody probably get left in the forest. Well, I don’t know how that turned out, but I didn’t see anybody coming forward to claim the keys, and I didn’t see anybody going to look for any lost hashers. I just hope nobody was left overnight in the bush.

And so, on to the down downs. Hares cheered (or booed, depending on how you enjoyed the hash), virgins welcomed, poofter t-shirt awarded, it was back to liming and beer drinking. I didn’t stay for the lime at the bar, so somebody else will have to report on that. But all in all, I must say, a good hash. And I discovered (to my relief??) that it was the same old hash. Some things never change!


Line Break - On-On Feet

Michelle's Mess

Run No. 766 – 27th November, 2010                                                   

Run Site: Blue Basin, Diego Martin


Blue Basin… hills, rivers, mud, bandits, rain, clearly, you either had to be stupid or a hasher or both to run through this area. Recognizing this, the Hares – 3 Hoes and 3 Bitches aka Nico, Andre, Rousdhie, Kristian, Eggie & Pradeep, urged an early start, 4 p.m. and after squeezing as many cars as possible into the tight parking area, led the pack off for what was to be the first of many slippery up and downhills. The usual SCBs like Enrique and Gerry, found some fictitious reasons to cut short the run, while the hashers with real balls enjoyed the mountainous terrain. Good run guys.

The afterlime was in full swing when we decided to quit while we were ahead, in other words, the lime moved to the bar in Diamond Vale, a much safer spot to be sure. Most hashers were content to buy their BBQ diners, but not so, Dooks & Gerry who bought hotdogs from the nearby grocery and grilled them on a vendor’s pit, much to the man’s surprise. Apparently, business was so good they’re now thinking of moonlighting.

And so it was, the lime continued, many beers were drunk and a good time was had by all.

 On On

Virgins: Welcome and hope you come again soon: Marie, Sojun, Noel, Lalchan, Gordon, Christopher and Chris

New Shoes: Vanessa

Poofter Award: Upset because someone else set a run in a hilly area, Doon, the original mountain goat, left his shoes home so wouldn’t have do the run; Gerry, turned back halfway complaining his calf was getting hard while holding his cojones,., he’s either missing a leg or he doesn’t know his calf from his cojones. Roushdie, a hare, for gross dereliction of duty, neglected the pack for the entire run to look after his girlfriend Noel, and Simon for peeing on the trail and not washing his hands after even tho surrounded by water.. eeeww!

The Winner: Roushdie, got his down down on his knees and a barrel of cold water over his head for being a pussy about putting on the poofter tshirt.

Line Break - On-On Feet



Date:    25th December, 2010 (Christmas Day)

Time:   4:30 p.m.

Hares:  Amanda Seebalack & Her Possee

RunSite: Goodwood Park

Directions: Proceed west past West mall and KFC as if heading into CARENAGE. Turn right into Goodwood Park crescent. Drive up main avenue and take first right on to Windsor Road follow road to 181 on the right hand side.
Run will start at 4.30.


768 December 25, 2010 Amanda Seebalack & Her Possee 181 Windsor Road, Gooodwood Park


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Run Directions – Run#768 December 25, 2010

14 Dec

Run Directions – Run#768 December 25, 2010

RUN #768
DATE December 25, 2010
HARES Amanda Seebalack & Her Posse
RUN SITE Goodwood Park
MAP Run Site Map Run 768
DIRECTIONS Proceed west past West mall and KFC as if heading into CARENAGE. Turn right into Goodwood Park crescent. Drive up main avenue and take first right on to Windsor Road follow road to #181 on the right hand side.
Run will start at 4.30pm.