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POSH3 27th Anniversary Run

28 Jan

POSH3 27th Birthday Run

Bar Hop Run & Karaoke Competition
Friday 04 Feb 2011 19:00hrs
La Casa de Ibiza Lounge, #163 Tragarete Road, Woodbrook

Run Directions – Run#771 February 5, 2011

24 Jan

Run Directions – Run#771 February 5, 2011


marianne bridge

RUN #771
DATE February 5, 2011
HARES Doon, Kyle, Paul, Kern, Lisa
RUN SITE Spring Bridge, Blanchisseuse
MAP Run Site Map Run 771
DIRECTIONS Take the North Coast Road and proceed to Blanchisseuse. You would pass Maracas Bay, Tyrico, Las Cuevas Bay and La Fillette, before reaching Blanchisseuse; from this point follow the HHH signs until you reach Spring Bridge. This is the hash site. Parking on the side of the road. Food on sale: $25.00-$30.00.

Trash Run 769

24 Jan

Hash Trash Run 769

HASH MASTER Arthur Seebalack 461-5665
HASH ASS Mumtaz Amarali 625-3617 x29436
ON-SEC/ HARELINE Salma Khan 753-8843
HASH C$SH Lorin Paton 622-5806 (O)
HASH BOOZE Nevie Boos 637-3033 (H)
HASH SOFTIES Richard Marlay 351-3694
COMMITTEE Betty Agostini, Karen Hale, Ronald Mc Donald
Website Address:

769 January 8, 2011 The Big Dicks Lopinot Déjà vu!

Line Break - On-On Feet

Hash Trash #769

So I pick up my farse self on this first hash of the new year to approach our new Hash Master to wish him “Happy New Year” – well who tell me do dat! All of a sudden I get ambushed as his side kick Mumtaz appeared and announced that I was to be the scribe for this run! Setups- Lucky me! Reluctantly I agreed – happy with thought that I am freed of this chore for the rest of the year – as they would have to approach other unlucky souls to do this task!

This was a really beautiful run set in the pristine Lopinot valley. Hash Master Mahashma gathered us all in front of the village bar and introduced the Big Dicks who all promised that this was going to be an easy run – easing us all back in slowly from our Christmas festivities! Yeah right! More importantly, it was announced that Andre – our trusty Carib beer man was on holiday and that we would have to rely on the beer in the bar for our needs! Who tell Andre he could take a holiday?

As expected the trail was cool – taking us under the canopies of the tall trees above, I have to admit I found the stones along the way somewhat slippery – it would have been a mess if the rains had added to the glory! Well the crowning glory of the run is when these smart arse hares decide to send us all up the side of a never ending hill to greet us with a big X at the top. Well you know they coulda be nominated for poofter from that time on! The presence of a beer stop mid way through the run did help get the hares back into our good books again!

The run seemed to be generally a lot of “On up!” so we were grateful when we finally started downwards and finally reached civilization again. Of course d trusty hares – bad mind as usual – brought us back right in the middle of town – a turn left would have taken us back into the hash site in 2 minutes- sent us all to the RIGHT ! We ended up in a gorgeous river which was crystal clear until d set of us churn it up and we left it looking like the Caroni! As we made our way back to the hash site, we passed through an area near the river that reminded me very much of Caura – the next place we will be exploring on our next run- plenty people were liming there a set of loud music – carnival had begun to creep into the sleepy little village!

Well I had my chops set on some nice pastels and ham as ‘advertised’ by the hares and knowing Lopinot to be full of Spanish heritage, tamales and emapanadas did not seem an unrealistic alternative to our regular hash fare. Setups – No such luck! Good for nothing hares!

The highlight of the whole afternoon occurred as we were liming around the bar after the run when a set of loud music approached us – we all turned around to find a villager riding on his bike which was outfitted with multiple big speakers and an amplifier powered by a car battery in front. He certainly caught our attention! Apparently the village DJ!

Good run Big Dicks! On On to Caura!

Line Break - On-On Feet

Mahashma's Meditations

Run No. 769 – 8th January, 2011

Run Site: Lopinot

It came to pass, the first run of the year, and it went well. How could it not have gone well when we had
Dicks to start the year. (Every woman’s dream I presume). If you recall the Big Dicks set possibly the best run for 2010 complete with tassa and tequila. The Big Dicks never disappoint.

I was hoping to find peace and knowledge in the hills of Lopinot but instead found the usual pissheads I could see my job is going to be hard. Anyway, now read the following carefully:

  1. There will be no credit at the bar for anyone. This means none.
  2. I know I promised free beer for the year, however, I regret to inform you that the cost of the beer is now $12, don’t blame me, blame Carib Brewery. I understand the real cost increase at the brewery is Keith Nieves new pay package and benefits.
  3. Please recycle your beer cups and don’t use a new one for each beer.

Perhaps we will find enlightenment at our next run in Caura. ON ON.

Virgins:  Ryan Jordan, Larry Ross, Ryan Hernandez, Sharlene Lee Wen, Kevin Ramcharan, Asha, Kim and Hadyn.

Poofter: Only two nominations (like hashers must have made their New Year’s resolution):Pradeep taking one week to organize himself for this reecky and Gerry lost Simba (his dog) 6 months ago and now finds Simba during the reecky. The people’s nomination was Pradeep although Gerry wanted to jump the gun and take it.

New Shoes: Ricky and Asha (she claims it’s not new shoes but new socks.

Birthday Corner: Susan Reece, Andre Ashe, Sonja Barneveld (Mango Chow), Mary Jardine  and others.

Line Break - On-On Feet


Date: 5th February, 2011

Time:  3:30 p.m

Hares: Doon, Kyle, Paul, Kern, Lisa

RunSite: Spring Bridge, Blanchisseuse


Take the North Coast Road and proceed to Blanchiesseuse. You would pass Maracas Bay, Tyrico, Las Cuevas Bay and La Fillette, before reaching Blanchiesseuse; from this point follow the HHH signs until you reach Spring Bridge. This is the hash site. Parking on the side of the road. Food on sale: $25.00-$30.00.



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Visiting Hashers – Always welcomed!

24 Jan

Montreal HHH

Photo Gallery – Run 770 (Nico’s Pics)

23 Jan

Run 770 Caura