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Run Directions – Run#943 – Wild Flower Park

23 Nov

RUN: #943
DATE: December 3rd 2016
TIME: 3:30 p.m.
SITE: Wild Flower Park. POS
HARES: Liz/Sjaelan/Bojorn/Doon

This one is a ‘town’ run! From all directions i.e. south, east, west, central & north, drive to Queens Park Savannah West, pass magnificent 7, turn left after Stollmeyer Castle into Wild Flower Park. This is the hash site.

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POSHHH Christmas Party 2016!

17 Nov


When: December 17th 2016
Cost: $125 – Dinner and Drinks inclusive
Time: 7:00 pm
Where: Pip and Harry’s
#20 Glenfield Road, Blue Range

Tickets will be available at this Saturday’s Hash.
Tickets are limited so do not delay!

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Run Directions – Run#942 – Tompire Bay

7 Nov

RUN: 942
DATE: 19th November 2016
TIME: 3.30pm
SITE: Tompire Bay, Toco
HARES: Nico, Andre, Christian, Eggie

Directions: : From Port of Spain, San Fernando, Arima, Maracas and almost everywhere else, travel towards Cumana along Toco Main Road, past Rampanalgas (Arthur’s Bar) until you see J&J BIG YARD on your left hand. This is just before Redhead/Cumana. Do NOT park in front but in the designated parking areas. Run starts in front of the bar. Leave in time and enjoy a relaxed drive. Due to early sunset the hash will start promptly to get out of the bush in time. Latecomers will be missing out on the first part of the hash.

Even better: stay overnight, lime and enjoy a fun evening by staying at the BIG YARD apartments with pool facilities.


Don’t look for HHH signs.

BBQ on sale – Chicken and Fish and a veggie dish. Cost $35-40.00.
BEER SPECIAL: Carib, Stag and Pilsner 3 for $ 30,1 for $12


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7 Nov

Its time for another WWW Run!

DATE: Wednesday November 9th 2016
TIME: 5:15 pm
HARES: A WW and a M in need of Mercy
(because the MMM has none)
SITE: Archer’s bar – corner Edward St and Tragarete Rd.
(and we just might try a mannequin challenge)

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Run Directions – Run#941 – Pepper Village

4 Nov

RUN: #941
DATE: 5th November, 2016
TIME: 3:30 p.m.
SITE: Pepper Village
HARES: Randall Lyon et al

DIRECTIONS: From Port of Spain, travel south on the Uriah Butler Highway and take the PREYSAL/COUVA turn off. Turn left to head east, and keep on the road through Preysal and Gran Couva. The drive takes about 20 minutes from the highway.

As you pass through Pepper Village (about 5 minutes before La Vega), the hash site is at the Sooklal’s house , 3 mins. before the disused gas station on the left. Run starts from the Main Road. Look for HHH signs. BBQ on sale – Cost $40.00.

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