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POSH3 Indep-On-d-On-ce

17 Aug

posh3 independence 2013

Wear Yuh National Colors!!

Date: Sat Aug 31 2013
Time: 3:30pm
Site: Pepper Village
Hares: fearsome Foursome

From Port of Spain, travel south on the Uriah Butler Highway and take the PREYSAL/COUVA turn off. Turn left to head east, and keep on the road through Preysal and Gran Couva. The drive takes about 20 minutes from the highway.
As you pass through Pepper Village (about 5 minutes before La Vega), look out for a disused gas station on the right. Turn right onto the road by the gas station. You will drive past a number of small houses and then a cricket field on the left. Keep going on this road. The Hash Site is just past the old estate house, and on the right.

Trash Run #831

30 Mar


A Drinking Club with a running problem

Web Address: https://posh3.wordpress.com

DATE: March 16th, 2013
RUN: #831
SITE: Tabaquite
HARES: Randall, Mark, Audrey, Christine
SCRIBE: Hawkeye

Oh Gooooooooooooooood!!!!!!!!!!
I new I should have! Should Have! Said NO to writing this Hash with golf tour and
too  much work. I wake up in de middle of the night and suddenly remember the HM ask me to write this trash.  Made the commitment so here goes.
Asha calls and ask “You going on my BUS.”
“Dave isn’t around otherwise you wouldn’t be calling me for a ride.” I responded.
That’s the last I heard from her so obviously I assumed that that this idea did not find favour so I continued with busy schedule. Hash morning Arlene at my door step wanting the gate open to park her car, then Lorin  and Miss Maraval just come and park their ass on my front porch steps., not even a Good Morning.
No one communicated with me about ETD and next ting everybody rushing through my small front gate to get on Asha’s Bus. Of course, I feeling real dejected and I didn’t want to get on but I hadn’t been on one for months and it is Fearsome Foursome hares so I couldn’t miss dat.
Of course, the bus real, real early and we arrive at the hash site even earlier at Tabaquite . It was seven years since our last visit, notwithstanding we were welcomed with open arms by the villagers who have adopted the Fearsome Foursome and their Hash extended family.
It was evident that the Fearsome Foursome + fish broth and alcohol had not done much run setting but sitting, it being reported that they had been there many times to prepare but had not left the front porch of the people house.
Sun start to make sweat as we standing around since 3.00pm and one by one the cars arrive and the anticipation of a good one increases. Bar setting up, fish broth sharing, almost four o’clock and no one seeing Randal for obvious reasons. Finally, up on a very high, high mound Randal towers over a gathering of Hashers. After introducing all the village Hares + Cap and advising the usual the pre hash monolog.
On! On! We set off up the village main road, only to be On Back and into the bush, up Randal hills and down Christine valleys for just over an hour and so before it started the Hash done. A little, 5-10 minutes more would have stopped all the complaints.
I have to tell yur that I had real problems running this hash, not as nimble as a youth, trouble with the terrain underfoot, buss me ass twice, but I expect I just need a little toning up and all will be well again.
I know that the days are getting longer, but the sun was way up in de sky even when the last get in. You know I doe drink on an empty stomach so I putting down the roti one time “How you could eat dat in dis hot sun” was the refrain but two hours later when Roti done I telling them “you should Have, Could Have”
The down-downs passed, the crowd lingered and drank out the bar, the hardcore moved onto the local bar for more drinks and more talk, finally when we leaving Michelle want to get off Asha’s Bus as de lime at the bar going good. Of course Asha was not having any of Dat, so she stay on she bus and never regretted it.
I real sorry dis trash not up to my regular standard, but in all honest I am too remote to care a monkey’s shit, so like dis run, I leaving it short and hopefully just a little sweet.  Just this one time!


It reminded me of the hash when I just started six years ago, the comradry among hashers and the integration with the locals. The country atmosphere with the long but rather relaxing drive through the lush beautiful terrain. Fish broth offered before I even jump out of the car and off course, it was delicious, homemade country style. And the announcement of homemade roti on sale, they catered for 60 people and luckily they had the flexibility……90 roti’s sold. The poofter was a good selection…..Numnuts wife choose to make a lime with some fellow hashers at Movie Towne while Numnuts socialize with the hashers….well they all wanted to know how we got that news and typical of the hash, nothing is a secret. A well-deserved poofter for Numnuts that got the nod from literally all the hashers. It was indeed a good run that had all the front runners missing the last trail and the On On IN but I picked up Randall’s reluctance to go up the last hill and saw the a small path way on his left……smart, I caught you with Simon behind me saying go..go…go….and there it was, the On On In!!. A great hash it was!

Virgins: Shareen, Vanessa, Kyle, Maurice, Matthew, Christian, Dominique, Charlene, Bente, Monica, Marlon, Latasha

New Shoes: Bernard, Ashe, Matthew, Trevor Flora, Rick, Brandon

Poofter: Numbnuts and Reed for just being Reed

Birthday: Andrew and Brandon

From the HASH MASTER ……….ON ON!


DATE: April 13th, 2013
RUN SITE: Maracas Bay
Time: 3.30pm

DIRECTIONS – HASH –  833 – Doon’s Residence, Maracas Bay

Drive along the Maraval road on the way to Maracas Beach. On reaching the pillars in Maraval, turn left and head to Maracas beach…..continue driving until you reach the beach passing the public car park on the right and all the famous bake and shark food huts. Continue driving slowly and in couple seconds you will see a gas station on the right just before Uncle Sam’s Bar. Before the gas station, there is a road in the right, turn into that road and make the first left turn and drive straight….follow the HHH signs, the last house is Doon’s residence and the run site.

It’s Doon’s birthday run so he is catering the food. Prepare to stay for the after hash lime…drinks, music, food and good ole talk!



Photo gallery – Tabaquite 2013

17 Mar

Run Directions – Run #831

7 Mar

Date: Sat Mar 16 2013
Time: 3:30pm
Site: Tabaquite
Hares: R Lyon, M Hutch

Take Churchill Roosevelt Hwy. exit at the Chaguanas exit and turn left to Montrose. Follow road Pass Ravine Sable, Caparo, Mamoral, Flanigan Town until you get to Tabaquite Government School. Turn left and follow road for 5 miles until you get to TPD Road, turn left.. The run site is 1000 yards ahead.
Plenty parking not like other runs. After this hash, others will be very boring. Look for HHH signs. Food available. Allow 1 1/2 hours for driving.


LOST! – North Manzanilla Edition

21 Jan

LOST! North Manzanilla Edition