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WWW 2nd Anniversary Run!

17 Jul

Run Directions – RUN#990 – Guaico Tamana

13 Jul
RUN: 990
DATE: 14th July 2018
TIME: 3.30pm
SITE: Guaico Tamana
HARES: Hares with Balls & Balls Supporters
Directions: From POS, head east on the CHR Highway, pass through Valencia and proceed on the Eastern Main
Road, Sangre Grande. At the 1st traffic light turn right unto Guaico Tamana Road and continue driving for
approximately 12km staying on the Main Road (no turn offs). Follow the HHH signs to Valesquez Road, and turn
right. Continue on Valezquez Road and follow the HHH signs to the run site “Gaia Farm”. Parking along the dirt
road leading to Gaia Farm and Duprey Trace. Approximate time from POS to run site 1hr 30mins. Be on time!
Arabic food on sale Beef, Chicken or Veg $40.00
DJ on hand – fete after