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Trash Run #794

27 Dec

Hash Trash Run 794


HASH MASTER Arthur Seebalack 461-5665
HASH ASS Mumtaz Amarali 625-3617 x29436
ON-SEC/ HARELINE Salma Khan 753-8843
HASH C$SH Lorin Paton 622-5806 (O)
HASH BOOZE Nevie Boos 637-3033 (H)
HASH SOFTIES Richard Marlay 351-3694
COMMITTEE Betty Agostini, Ronald Mc Donald, Diane Henderson, Asha Saith
Website Address:
794 Nov 26, 2011 Central Posse Claxton Bay Anonymous

Line Break - On-On Feet

While making my way through muddy slippery terrain of Claxton Bay I heard Mahashma mention something to me. I didn’t quite make out what he said as in that instant I lost my footing and yelled out “OH SHIT”. Not knowing what he said would be of great importance, but we’ll get back to that later. So as I lost my footing and began to slide down this ridiculous hill I asked myself how the hell did I get here.

During the week I sold my friend on how great the Hash was and to come try it out. Not knowing Trinidad too well I decided that I would do the Hash with my in-laws. Unfortunately, my friend was running late and because of something that happened on the last Hash my in-laws refused to be late. I must say the directions were very clear (granted it was south on the hwy get off on the exit are a right and your there). Thou my in-laws didn’t want to wait we still made it on time. Parking was great and what was even better I noticed a bar and roti shop right there! As the Hash began I wondered in my head what kind of roti did I feel for? It was a tossup between shrimp and chicken. I figured as the day went on I would surely decided. We began walking through bounds of pebbles and then MUD. MUD MUD and …. more MUD!!! the run took us through the Forrest with mud. Down a steep hill with mud. Through tall bush with mud. Through a village with mud. On the highway. Yes the HIGHWAY!! Isn’t it illegal to walk on the side of the highway? The Solomon Hochoy Highway FYI. back up some hills with mud. Down some hills with mud. Up again with mud and a beautiful view I must say. Before the run began we were told that there would be a drink stop in the middle of the run. After we passed through the village I wondered to myself where else could they have a stop. But that we’ll get to later. After help/carrying somewhat I hope and assume we’re walkers through some slippery parts of the run I had a moment of concern. Running through the bush and mud a gentlemen appeared out the bush with a cutlass. In a state of shock I simply smiled nodded and continued to run. He looked at me as if I was somewhat crazy. At that point I said to myself “I think I’ll have the shrimp”.

This brings us to the point where Mahashma is telling me something and I’m sliding down this ridiculous hill. Luckily I have a great sense of balance and my slide was short lived, that and the guy who grabbed me. Thanks by the way!

Towards the end of the run right before the road I ran through what can only be described as…mudshitoilsludge. At that point I said to myself “maybe the chicken”. When I got on the road I saw the drink stop. I immediately stopped and said to myself ” defiantly the shrimp! And are we only half way!!!” I looked around at my surroundings, used my internal gps and gathered that I had to be close to the on in. I approached the drink truck took a bottle of water and continued. The girl said to continue on the road and you’ll be done. Instill wondered what the hell happen to half way? But again that we’ll get to later. I must say a special thanks to the gentleman who lived right before the roti shop. He graciously let a group of us use his hose and wash ourselves off. He also gave a history lesson of the area to soot. As I came to the ON IN I immediately made a b line to the roti shop. I left my friend behind on the run (probably stuck in the mud) so I decided the honorable thing to do would be to wait on him and buy him a roti. About a half an hour passed and no sight of my friend I started to worry because an announcement was made about the food and the line was getting long! Eventually he strolled in. I immediately told him lets go for food. Standing in the line anxious to order a guy walks in and yells “lemme get two chicken with pepper” a gentlemen says to the guy “there’s a line” and the genius lady behind the counter says “no there’s no line just order”. Really lady are you serious?? So of course all hell broke loose and orders were flying from everywhere. I eventually made my way to the front and ordered. The lady behind the counter asked “shrimp, chicken or goat”? I said you have goat?? I ordered 5 chicken and 1 goat. She came back soon after and said sorry goat done. No problem I’ll take a shrimp. After receiving my 5 chicken and distributing to relevant persons. She then came to me and said ” sorry roti done”. Thanks a lot Anny’s Roti Shop. You suck!

Mahashma did the virgins down down. Then came poofter time came. There were some good nominations. We all discovered the mystery of the drink truck not being at the middle of the run. It seems the Hayer could not find the location. (On his own run??) instead of honorably stepping forward and assuming responsibility he blantly declined! And refused to step up. I am relatively new to the Hash so I am not sure what if any disciplinary actions are taken to this blatant dis regard.

All in all it was a good hash. We had some mud, bush, traffic, hills and a beautiful view. It took about an hour and forty-five minutes. Kudos to the….. On a job well done.

The down downs were officiated by the Hash Ass who had trouble in controlling the rowdy mob. It is hard to control a drunken mob.

Oh! So during the week when I saw Mahashma I asked “what was it you mentioned to me”? He said “I asked you to write the Hash Trash and you yelled out” “OH SURE”. Hmm so what do I write?

Line Break - On-On Feet

Mahashma's Meditations

The moving finger writes

I knew this year would pass quickly as Hash Master, but I had no idea how fast it would seem in my mind. Looking back on all the hashes for the past year starting with the Christmas run at my home they seem to morph into one giant continuous hash , punctuated by the Calypso show , overseas and Tobago hashes.
Being the H.M. is a thankless job, but I am certainly glad that I did it. The Hash has been good for me over the years and I have done my part in return.

I could not have gotten the through year as easily as I did , without the help of my Hash Ass and hard working Committee. Thank you one and all.

One of the perks of the job I will miss is the privileged parking spot. No matter what time I arrived there was my spot next to the beer van. Now I am back to being a mere mortal.

At this point I will announce the Hash of the year, for all round things like parking, the run, the after lime etc. etc. etc. And the winner is the Kernahan Village run. Such a great lime was had at the Palm Village Bar. The bar man simply passed a whole bottle of Jack Daniels to me and David Wong and said pour your drink gentlemen. That did not happen anywhere else in T and T.

Central Posse won the contest for the stinkiest mud of the year. However they made up for the after lime with Tassa, Tent and D.J. Well done group for your first run.

As for my search for enlightenment goes no one apart from the likes of The Buddha can really achieve this. In Tobago I realized at the Halloween party that “Woman good Man bad” was part of it. Being a Hasher is also being enlightened. But the moving finger will leave you with a verse which should be read and reread.
Oh by the way, I also followed the advice of Big Mike Mcgee who said to enjoy your year, and of the brother I should have had Haniff who said F–K it, it’s only Hash!
So that’s it folks and welcome to Taz whose hash name is now “The Iron Lady” from now on.

The Moving Writes and having writ,
Moves on, nor all the piety nor wit,
Shall lure it back to cancel half a line,
Nor all thy tears to wash out a word of it.

Oh almost forgot to welcome the Virgins: Candace, Chevonne, Sacha, Lester, Vojtech, Eamonn, Stephanie and Ryan; and then birthday wishes went out to Marita. We must not forget our classic i.e. Poofter award was bestowed upon Robin Bassant who disregarded the honourable HM wishes to write the trash. BEWARE YUH GOTTA WRITE THE TRASH WHEN ASKED.

Hash Lingo

Virgins take note of the meaning of these signs!!!

  1. While on the trail CALL “ON ON” when you see bits of shredded paper/flour! It helps those behind/possibly lost hashers.
  2. “O” – check for the correct trail!
  3. “X” – you’re on the wrong trail! Go back to the check point and start again.
  4. “ON PASS” – to pass someone on the trail.
  5. “ON BACK” – on the wrong trail, you may have reached an “X“….turn back to the check point “O“.
  6. “On OFF” – you’re off the correct trail.
  7. When you are almost in you would see: “ON IN” pointing to the correct direction.
  8. For those who can’t keep up with the ‘3F’s’ (FIT, FAST AND FURIOUS) pack then just go with the ‘3S’s’ (SMART, SLOW AND SAFE) Pack who just let them do all the work.

Line Break - On-On Feet


Date: December 24, 2011
Time:  3:30 p.m
Hares: Taz/ Ash
RunSite: Lady Chancellor Hill
Directions: Head to Queen’s Park Savannah and drive up the Lady Chancellor Hill. Follow the hash signs to the run site.



Christmas Party Directions – Dec. 10th 2011

8 Dec

Christmas Party Directions – Dec. 10th 2011

DATE Saturday 10th December, 2011
LOCATION 181 Windsor Road, Goodwood Park (Seebalack Residence)
DIRECTIONS Drive west on Western Main Road past West Mall (on left), and the traffic light at Guardian Drive (Superpharm Pharmacy). Continue until you meet the next and last traffic light at Western Circular. Turn right at this light (onto Western Circular) and drive for about 1min until you see some town houses on your left. Turn next left onto Morne Coco Road(West) and park along Morne Coco Road at HHH signs. If you reach Marlins swimming pool, Goodwood Gardens or St. Anthony’s R.C. Church you would have passed the left onto Morne Coco Road (West)

AZP – Thursday Run & Lime

7 Dec

AZP Thursday Run & Lime

AZP Thursday Run & Lime  – Foreshore Run

When: Thurs 8th Nov. 2012, 5:00PM (17:00HRS)
Where: Caribbean Airlines Invaders Panyard, Tragarete Rd., Woodbrook

You know the route – No Hares – Just you and the pavement. The On On is at 5PM!

Hash Christmas Run & Party – Have you got your ticket?

3 Dec

hash christmas party 2011

Christmas Run

Date: 10th December, 2011
Time: 3:30p.m.
Hares: Angels & Earthlings Run
Site: Stumblin Bar, Ariapita Ave. From East, West, North or South stumble over to Ariapita Ave., Woodbrook. Stumbling…

Christmas Dinner and Party

December 10, 2011
6.30pm – 2.00am
181 Windsor Road,Goodwood Park (parking on morne coco road – shuttle service)